Conference photo

Can be found at this link.

Workshop dinner

We booked about 30 seats for 10th June, 19:00 at Staromestska restaurant (the address is Staromestske namesti 19 / Old Town Square 19). The participation is voluntary (yet recommended), however the meal is at your own costs.

Program of talks

SWIM 2015 program for download. It is also possible to download the book of abstracts.


Talks SWIM 2015 introduction and SWIM 2016

Name Title Abstract Slides
Mohammad Adm Intervals of Sign Regular Matrices
Mohamed-Hedi Amri, Nacim Ramdani Robust indoor localization via interval analysis
Clément Aubry Comparison of Kalman versus Interval based loop detection problem
Jan Bok Recent Results on Cooperative Interval Games
Snehashish Chakraverty Sub-Interval Perturbation Method for Standard Eigenvalue Problem
Alexandre Chapoutot Validated Explicit and Implicit Runge-Kutta Methods
Michal Černý Some applications of interval computation in statistics
Vincent Drevelle Guaranteed Coverage Assessment of a Robotic Survey with Uncertain Trajectory
Peter Franek Verification of zeros in underdetermined systems
Elif Garajová Solving and visualizing nonlinear constraint satisfaction problems
Martin Mečiar Solving and visualizing nonlinear constraint satisfaction problems
Tayyebe Haqiri Permuted graph bases for verified computation of invariant subspaces
Milan Hladík Yet another method for solving interval linear equations
Luc Jaulin Distributed localization and control of a group of underwater robots using contractor programming
Lubomir Kolev A new class of iterative interval methods for solving linear parametric systems
Elena K. Kostousova On feedback target control for uncertain discrete-time systems through polyhedral techniques
Bartlomiej Jacek Kubica Presentation of a multithreaded interval solver for nonlinear systems
Sergey I. Kumkov One ill-posed estimation problem of experimental process parameters. Interval approach.
Fabrice Le Bars EASIBEX-MATLAB: a simple tool to begin with interval contractors
Taher Lotfi A linear iterative interval method for computing the generalized inverse of an matrix
Moussa Maïga, Nacim Ramdani Parameter identification with hybrid systems in a bounded-error framework
Dominique Monnet Viability kernel computation based on interval methods
Mohamed Mustafa Mobile Robot Mapping using Interval Methods
Jeremy Nicola Gaussian Nonlinear set inversion
Jordan Ninin Global Optimization based on Contractor Programming
Yuki Ohta Verified Convex Hull for Inexact Data
Katsuhisa Ozaki Tight Enclosure of Matrix Multiplication with Level 3 BLAS
Salvador Pacheco Primitive Shape Characterization using Interval Methods
Evgenija D. Popova Computing exact bounds for the solution set of parametric interval linear systems
Stefan Ratschan Computing Barriers of Ordinary Differential Equations
Nathalie Revol The (near-)future IEEE 1788 standard for interval arithmetic
Sanaz Rivaz Goal programming approach for solving interval MOLP problems
Simon Rohou Robot localization in an unknown but symmetric environment
Julien Alexandre dit Sandretto Validated Simulation of Differential Algebraic Equations
Mohamed Saad Ibn Seddik Cooperative Localization And Formation Maintaining Using Range-only Measurements Without Communications
Jihad Titi Matrix Methods for the Bernstein Form and their Application in Global Optimization
Daniel Wilczak Rigorous computation of Poincaré maps
Irmina Walawska Bifurcation and continuation of halo orbits - rigorous numerical approach