Doctoral seminar / Graduate students' reading seminar

Thursday 9:50-12:10, S8

During the Winter Semester 2023/2024, the seminar is organized by Robert Šámal and Pavel Valtr. Contact us (at samal@iuuk... or valtr@kam... ) if you have any question.

The participants of the seminar present papers of general interest from (discrete) mathematics and theoretical cs. The articles are selected by the seminar organizers in cooperation with the advisors of participating PhD students. Keep in mind that for preparing your presentation you may also need to take a look at a related paper (or papers).

For each paper there is a "mentor" available who will be glad to help you with understanding the paper and preparation of the talk. In particular, the mentor will meet with you one week before your presentation (typically on Thursday) to discuss the structure of your presentation with you, to tell you his/her comments on your handout (one- to two-page summary) and your slides (if applicable), and to answer any questions you may have. Before meeting the mentor, please send the draft of your handout by email to samal@iuuk... and valtr@kam... (and to the mentor, if it is none of the seminar organizers). The final version of your handout should be sent to samal@iuuk... and valtr@kam... the day before your presentation (on Wednesday). We will bring a physical copy for everyone.

As explained on the first seminar, the default is to have two presentations during this academic year (one per semester) - a long presentation and a short presentation.

Long presentation: The speaker's task is to read and understand the whole paper, then present the main/most interesting parts of it. Please do explain a motivation and "big picture" -- but don't stop there, we want to see the proof, or at least part of it (and overview of the other parts). The motivation and "big picture" should be explained in the first ca. 30-40 minutes of the presentation. You may (but do not have to) use slides for this initial part of the presentation. During the meeting with the mentor, the speaker presents the first ca. 15 minutes of the long presentation to the mentor.

Short presentation: The speaker's task is to understand the results of the paper as well as their connection to the previous related results, conjectures etc., and also to get a rough idea how the proofs of the main results go. A short presentation is with slides and of duration 30 minutes. The idea is to prepare a conference/workshop-type presentation. Please explain the results of the paper, related previous results, their motivation and a "big picture". It may be also suitable to include a quick outline of some of the proofs.

A summary of (some of) the proposed articles is available at a special page. More papers will be added soon. Articles from other sources are welcome, but consult them please with the seminar organizers.

Announcements are sent out via mailing list dokt-seminar-l@kam. If you wish to subscribe, visit the archive or change your options, see the mailing list webpage.

Preliminary program:
Winter semester
5.10.2023Organizational Meeting -- starting at 10:40 -- possible changes to the format of seminar, selection of papers, etc.
12.10.2023Informal presentations of everybody's research interests/thesis topic/etc.
19.10.2023Sudatta Bhattacharya (paper with Michal Koucký): Locally Consistent Decomposition of Strings with Applications to Edit Distance Sketching. (presentation from STOC 2023)
26.10.2023 Tomáš Hons (with David Hartman, Jaroslav Nešetřil): Rooting algebraic vertices of convergent sequences (presentation from EUROCOMB’23) slides
2.11.2023Dean's sport day
9.11.2023 Jan Soukup -- A. Suk: Short edges and noncrossing paths in complete topological graphs
16.11.2023 David Mikšaník -- A. Bernshteyn, A. Dhawan: Fast algorithms for Vizing's theorem on bounded degree graphs
23.11.2023 David Mikšaník -- part 2 (Entropy compression)
30.11.2023 Tomáš Hons -- A. Björklund, T. Husfeldt, P. Kaski: The shortest even cycle problem is tractable
7.12.2023No seminar -- HOMONOLO meeting
14.12.2023Gaurav Kucheriya -- I. Araujo, S. Piga, A. Treglown, Z. Xiang: Tiling edge-ordered graphs with monotone paths and other structures
21.12.2023no seminar
4. 1.2024 Petr Chmel -- Oliver Korten: The Hardest Explicit Construction (FOCS'21).
handout and informal handout
11. 1.2024 KAMAK progress report
In the evening we will visit Clear head
2024 Sudatta Bhattacharya -- J. Balogh, D. Dong, B. Lidický, N. Mani, Y. Zhao: Nearly all k-SAT functions are unate
Summer semester
22.2.2024Organizational Meeting -- starting at 10:40 -- possible changes to the format of seminar, selection of papers, etc.
11.4.2024T. Hons -- J. Dreier, I. Eleftheriadis, N. Mählmann, R. McCarty, M. Pilipczuk, Szymon Toruńczyk: First-order model checking on monadically stable graph classes
18.4.2024The seminar is cancelled (Spring School 2024).
25.4.2024J. Soukup -- D. Conlon, J. Lim: Everywhere unbalanced configurations
2.5.2024P. Chmel -- S. Bubeck, C. Coester, Y. Rabani: The Randomized k-Server Conjecture is False!
9.5.2024D. Mikšaník -- TBA
16.5.2024H. Zamani -- W. T. Gowers, B. Green, F. Manners, T. Tao: On On a conjecture of Marton

Archived seminar pages: 2001/2002, 2002/2003, 11. 1.2024 2024 Sudatta Bhattacharya -- J. Balogh, D. Dong, B. Lidický, N. Mani, Y. Zhao: Nearly all k-SAT functions are unate

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