Mathematical Analysis II NMAI055

Time and place: Wednesday at 9:00 (lecture) and at 10:40 (tutorial) in S11

Tutorial organization and credit: At each tutorial a set of homework will be issued, due for the next lecture. You are expected to attempt to solve all homework and write your solution of each part on a separate sheet of paper. One part of the homework will submitted to be marked for credit and the solution of the remaining homework will be discussed during the tutorial. Any homework submitted late will score 0%. If you are unable to attend the lecture and want to submit homework, you can to submit all parts of homework before the lecture. To obtain credit from the tutorial, you need to meet the following conditions

  • score at least 50% in the test at the end of the term,
  • to score average 60% of credit from homework, three lowest marks/undelivered homeworks will not be considered into this average.

Test from tutorials: 27.5. 2019 at 9:30 in S11 (building at Malostranske namesti). Time: 90 minutes. Topics: primitive functions, integrals and their applications, multivariable functions - continuity, partial and directional derivatives, total differential, tangent plane, extrema (including constrained), implicit functions. Any written/printed materials allowed, no electronics.

Resit for the test from tutorials: 3.6. 2019 at 9:00 in S10 (building at Malostranske namesti).

Exam: You must obtain credit from the tutorial to be able to take the exam. You must register in SIS to take the exam. Exam dates are: 30.5., 6.6., 17.6. and 21.6. (21.6. is not reccommended for the first attempt). Last exam attempt is September 19. Exam description and list of exam requirements. The exam will be written and will have a form similar to the practice exam.

Replacement homework.

Materials: Lecture notes. For recommended study materials see the syllabus, you might also find useful notes by Aleš Pultr. Collection of questions and exercises, some with solutions, I highly reccommend: Margit Gémes, Zoltán Szentmiklóssy: Mathematical Analysis - Exercises I. Another collection of problems (with solutions) you migt find useful. Learn methods of calculating integration by hand, even though computers can do it for you: this integral calculator provides also detailed calculaction and graph of the function. Use it for practicing, but don't worry too much if it uses tricks you did not learn. Flowchart for differentiation and integration.

Covered material: