Discrete Mathematics (Exercises)


During the Winter Semester 2019-2020, exercises are held at 12:20 on Tuesdays (excepting holidays) in Room T8 in the MFF building T at Troja. The exercises are intended to supplement the course material with problems for practice. Exercises are not graded. That is, they will not affect your grade for the main course. However, if you intend to be graded for the main course, you require a "pass" for the exercises. Click here to see the requirements.

Here you can see the total number of points you have so far. If you wish to see your points, you should send me a four digit code that will be used to display your score.


You can find extra problems for practice here.
01/10/2019 Exercise 1Solutions
08/10/2019 Exercise 2Solutions
15/10/2019 Exercise 3Solutions
22/10/2019 Exercise 4Solutions
05/11/2019 Exercise 5Solutions
19/11/2019 Exercise 6Solutions
26/11/2019 Exercise 7Solutions
03/12/2019 Exercise 8Solutions
10/12/2019 Exercise 9Solutions
17/12/2019 Exercise 10Solutions
07/01/2020 Exercise 11Solutions