Discrete Mathematics

This is a basic course for undergraduate students.


For the Winter Semester 2022-2023, the lectures are scheduled on Tuesdays at 12:20 in room S9 at Mala Strana.

Announcements, recordings of lectures, and other supplementary materials will also be posted on the course moodle page. Please register yourself to be able to access them.

Information about course requirements (Exam etc)

The final grade will depend on your performance in the exam at the end of the semester. To be able to take the exam you need to obtain a "pass" in the tutorials. Details can be found here.


Check SIS to see a tentative list of topics to be covered. The exact material covered during the lectures will be available on the moodle page. The following is a list of Books and other material relevant to the lectures.

Invitation to Discrete Mathematics by Jiří Matoušek and Jaroslav Nešetřil
Notes on Probability by Jiří Matoušek