• KAM-DIMATIA Series 2009

(2009-907) V. Jungic, T. Kaiser, and D. Kral': A note on edge-colourings avoiding rainbow $K_4$ and monochromatic $K_m$. PostScript (349 kB)
(2009-908) T. Muller, A. Por, and J. Sereni: Graphs with four boundary vertices. PostScript (421 kB)
(2009-909) J. Nesetril, P. Ossona de Mendez, and D. Wood: Characterisations and Examples of Graph Classes with Bounded Expansion. PDF (590 kB)
(2009-910) Milan Hladik: Generalized linear fractional programming under interval uncertainty. PostScript (260 kB)
(2009-911) J. Bottcher, J. Hladky, and D. Piguet: The tripartite Ramsey number for trees. PostScript (640 kB)
(2009-912) B. Banaschewski and A. Pultr: Pointfree aspects of the $T_D$ axiom of classical topology. PostScript (378 kB)
(2009-913) J. Maxova, P. Pavlikova, and D. Turzik: On the complexity of cover-incomparability graphs of posets. PostScript (348 kB)
(2009-914) M. DeVos, A. Georgakopoulos, B. Mohar, and R. Samal: An Eberhard-like theorem for pentagons and heptagons. PostScript (5307 kB)
(2009-915) J. Hladky and D. Kral': Algebraic proof of Brooks' theorem. PostScript (223 kB)
(2009-916) Jana Maxova (ed.): Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop 2008. PostScript (5696 kB)
(2009-917) Jiri Matousek: Selected Mathematical and Algorithmic Applications of Linear Algebra. PostScript (1039 kB)
(2009-918) Yared Nigussie: Extended Gallai's Theorem. PostScript (235 kB)
(2009-919) P. Allen, J. Bottcher, and J. Hladky: Filling the gap between Turan's theorem and Posa's conjecture. PostScript (592 kB)
(2009-920) Milan Hladik : Interval valued bimatrix games. PostScript (295 kB)
(2009-921) J. Foniok, J. Nesetril, A. Pultr, and C. Tardiff: Dualities and dual pairs in Heyting algebras. PostScript (316 kB)
(2009-922) J.-S. Sereni and M. Stehlik: Edge-face colouring of plane graphs with maximum degree nine. PostScript (409 kB)
(2009-923) J. Hladky and M. Schacht: Note on bipartite graph tilings. PostScript (335 kB)
(2009-924) F. Havet, B. Reed, and J.-S. Sereni: L(p,1)-labelling of graphs. PostScript (592 kB)
(2009-925) D. Kral', P. Skoda, and J. Volec: Domination number of cubic graphs with large girth. PostScript (302 kB)
(2009-926) Louis Esperet: Dynamic list coloring of bipartite graphs. PostScript (301 kB)
(2009-927) L. Esperet, J. Gimbel, and A. King: Covering line graphs with equivalence relations. PostScript (360 kB)
(2009-928) J. Nesetril and P. Ossona de Mendez: On Nowhere Dense Graphs. PDF (527 kB)
(2009-929) Marek Tesar (ed.): Workshop on Coverings and Colorings 2009. PostScript (12024 kB)
(2009-930) Milan Hladik: Support set invariancy for interval bimatrix games. PostScript (275 kB)
(2009-931) J. Hubicka and J. Nesetril: On characteristics of homomorphism and embedding universal graphs. PostScript (441 kB)
(2009-932) J. Volec and Z. Safernova(eds.): Spring School on Combinatorics 2009. PDF (34 MB)
(2009-933) Jan Kyncl, Bernard Lidicky, and Tomas Vyskocil: Irreversible 2-conversion set is NP-complete. PDF (197 kB)
(2009-934) J. Hladky, D. Kral', and S. Norine: Counting flags in triangle-free digraphs. PostScript (636 kB)
(2009-935) Martin Tancer: Non-representability of finite projective planes by convex sets. PostScript (379 kB)
(2009-936) Martin Tancer: $d$-collapsibility is NP-complete for $d \geq 4$. PostScript (619 kB)
(2009-937) J.-S. Sereni and M. Stehlik: On the sextet polynomial of fullerenes. PostScript (380 kB)
(2009-938) H. Ardal, Z. Dvorak, V. Jungic, and T. Kaiser: On a Rado Type Problem for Homogeneous Second Order Linear Recurrences. PostScript (403 kB)
(2009-939) Tomas Valla (ed.): GRASTA 2009, Workshop on Graph Searching, Theory and Applications. PostScript (36 kB)
(2009-940) Jan Hubicka, Jaroslav Nesetril: Homomorphism and embedding universal structures for restricted classes. PostScript (554 kB)
(2009-941) C. Grosu and J. Hladky: The extremal function for partial bipartite tilings. PostScript (209 kB)
(2009-942) M. DeVos, B. Mohar, and Robert Samal: Unexpected behaviour of crossing sequences. PostScript (1219 kB)
(2009-943) J. Foniok, K. Fukuda, and L. Klaus: Combinatorial Characterizations ofK-matrices. PostScript (339 kB)
(2009-944) T. Kaiser, A. King, and D. Kral': Fractional total colourings of graphs of high girth. PostScript (459 kB)
(2009-945) Robert Samal: Cubical coloring --- fractional covering by cuts. PostScript (199 kB) BibTeX
(2009-946) Ales Pultr: Why some fuzzyfications are easier then others. PostScript (386 kB) BibTeX
(2009-947) J. Picado, and A. Pultr: Cover quasi-uniformities in frames. PostScript (453 kB) BibTeX
(2009-948) O. Zajicek, J. Sgall, and T. Ebenlendr: Online Scheduling of Parallel Jobs on Hypercubes: Maximizing the Throughput. PDF (175 kB) BibTeX
(2009-949) F. Kardos, D. Kral', and J.-S. Sereni: The last fraction of a fractional conjecture. PostScript (339 kB) BibTeX
(2009-950) Milan Hladik: On necessary efficient solutions in interval multiobjective linear programming. PostScript (278 kB) BibTeX
(2009-951) P. Charbit and J.-S. Sereni: The Fractional Chromatic Number of Zykov Products of Graphs. PostScript (307 kB) BibTeX
(2009-952) L. Esperet, F. Kardos, and D. Kral: A superlinear bound on the number of perfect matchings in cubic bridgeless graphs. PostScript (1051 kB) BibTeX
(2009-953) Z. Dvorak, D. Kral', and R. Thomas: Deciding first-order properties for sparse graphs. PostScript (487 kB) BibTeX
(2009-954) Martin Kupec (ed.): Abstracts of KAM-DIMATIA Series Year 2009. PostScript (229 kB) BibTeX