• KAM-DIMATIA Series 2005

(2005-720) D. Kral', R. Skrekovski, and M. Tancer : Construction of large graphs with no optimal surjective L(2,1)-labelings. PostScript (198 kB)
(2005-721) J. Fox, V. Jungic, and R. Radoicic: Sub-Ramsey numbers for Arithmetic Progressions and Schur Triples. PostScript (243 kB)
(2005-722) D. Kral', J. Sgall, and T. Tichy : Randomized Strategies for the Plurality Problem. PostScript (187 kB)
(2005-723) J. Fiala, P. Golovach, and J. Kratochvil: Distance constrained labelings of graphs of bounded treewidth . PostScript (336 kB)
(2005-724) M. Bodirsky and D. Kral': Locally Consistent Constraint Satisfaction Problems with Binary Constraints. PostScript (216 kB)
(2005-725) M. Hladik: Separation properties of two convex polyhedral sets with RHS-parameters. PostScript (347 kB)
(2005-726) D. Kral', L. Tong, and X. Zhu: Upper Hamiltonian Numbers and Hamiltonian Spectra of Graphs. PostScript (190 kB)
(2005-727) Z. Dvorak, D. Kral', P. Nejedly, and R. Skrekovski: Coloring squares of planar graphs with no short cycles. PostScript (391 kB)
(2005-728) M. Bodirsky and J. Nesetril: Constraint Satisfaction with Countable Homogeneous Templates. PostScript (305 kB)
(2005-729) J. Nesetril and I. Svejdarova : Diameters of duals are linear. PostScript (218 kB)
(2005-730) D. Piguet and M. Stein: The Loebl Conjecture for trees of small diameter. PostScript (133 kB)
(2005-731) M. Ghebleh, D. Kral', S. Norine, and R. Thomas: The circular chromatic index of flower snarks. PostScript (181 kB)
(2005-732) J. Nesetril and P. Ossona de Mendez: The Grad of a Graph and Classes with Bounded Expansion. PostScript (143 kB)
(2005-733) Z. Dvorak, ed.: XI. Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop. PostScript (10405 kB)
(2005-734) Z. Dvorak, R. Skrekovski, and M. Tancer : List-Colouring Squares of Sparse Subcubic Graphs. PostScript (385 kB)
(2005-735) R. N. Ball, A. Pultr, and P. Vojtechovsky: Colored Graphs without Colorful Cycles. PostScript (211 kB)
(2005-736) J. Kara, J. Kratochvil, and D. R. Wood: On the Complexity of the Balanced Vertex Ordering Problem. PostScript (402 kB)
(2005-737) J. Fiala and J. Kratochvil: On the computational complexity of the L_{(2,1)}-labeling problem for regular graphs. PostScript (251 kB)
(2005-738) J. Fiala, J. Kratochvil, and A. Por: On the computational complexity of partial covers of Theta graphs. PostScript (215 kB)
(2005-739) J. Nesetril and P. Ossona de Mendez: Grad and Classes with Bounded Expansion I. Decompositions. PostScript (260 kB)
(2005-740) J. Nesetril and P. Ossona de Mendez: Grad and Classes with Bounded Expansion II. Algorithmic Aspects. PostScript (257 kB)
(2005-741) J. Nesetril and P. Ossona de Mendez: Grad and Classes with Bounded Expansion III. Restricted Dualities. PostScript (202 kB)
(2005-742) J. Nesetril: Strom jako matematicka struktura -- i v umeni. PDF (2518 kB)
(2005-743) M. Bodirsky and J. Kara: The Complexity of Equality Constraint Languages. PostScript (182 kB)
(2005-744) R. Naserasr, Y. Nigussie and R. Skrekovski: Homomorphisms of triangle-free graphs without a K_5-minor. PostScript (303 kB)
(2005-745) E. Ondrackova and T. Valla (eds.): Spring School on Combinatorics 2005. PDF (3702 kB)
(2005-746) J. Cerny: A simple proof for open cups and caps. PostScript (169 kB)
(2005-747) J. Kara, ed.: Workshop on Graph Classes, Width Parameters and Optimization 2005. PostScript (817 kB)
(2005-748) T. Kaiser, D. Kral', and L. Stacho : Tough spiders. PostScript (279 kB)
(2005-749) M. Balek, D. Hartman, and J. Kara, eds.: Open Problems for Homonolo 2005. PostScript (156 kB)
(2005-750) M. Nehez and D. Olejar : On Dominating Cliques in Random Graphs. PostScript (899 kB)
(2005-751) D. M. Jackson, I. Moffatt, and A.H. Morales: On the group-like behaviour of the Le-Murakami-Ohtsuki invariant. PostScript (700 kB)
(2005-752) P. Ossona de Mendez and P. Rosenstiehl: Encoding pointed maps by double occurrence words. PostScript (724 kB)
(2005-753) A. Por and D. R. Wood: Colourings of the Cartesian Product of Graphs and Multiplicative Sidon Sets. PostScript (269 kB)
(2005-754) P. Bella, D. Kral', B. Mohar, and K. Quittnerova: Labeling planar graphs with a condition at distance two. PostScript (589 kB)
(2005-755) M. Loebl: Lecture Notes on Matroids. PostScript (164 kB)
(2005-756) F. Mraz : On the Maximal Set of Feasible Coefficients in Interval Linear Systems. PostScript (196 kB)
(2005-757) L. Clark: Asymptotic Distribution of the Sum of the Lengths of Ascents or of Descents in Permutations. PostScript (113 kB)
(2005-758) M. Balek (ed.): Abstracts of KAM-DIMATIA Series Year 2005. PostScript (230 kB)