• KAM-DIMATIA Series 2008

(2008-844) D. Kral', O. Pangrac, J. Sereni, and R. Skrekovski: Long cycles in fullerene graphs. PostScript (352 kB)
(2008-845) B. Lidicky: On 3-choosability of plane graphs without 6-, 7- and 8-cycles. PostScript (412 kB)
(2008-846) D. Kral', P. Nejedly, and R. Samal: Short Cycle Covers of Cubic Graphs. PostScript (406 kB)
(2008-847) T. Kaiser, D. Kral', B. Lidicky, and P. Nejedly: Short Cycle Covers of Graphs with Minimum Degree Three. PostScript (502 kB)
(2008-848) J. Fiala and P. Golovach: Complexity of the Packing Coloring Problem of Trees. PostScript (398 kB)
(2008-849) J. Sereni: Equitable colourings of graphs with bounded density and given girth. PDF (229 kB)
(2008-850) J. Foniok and J. Nesetril: Splitting finite antichains in the homomorphism order. PostScript (309 kB)
(2008-851) J. Nesetril and Y. Nigussie: Finite dualities and map-critical graphs on a fixed surface. PostScript (476 kB)
(2008-852) Z. Dvorak, T. Kaiser, D. Kral', and J. Sereni: A note on antisymmetric flows in graphs. PDF (172 kB)
(2008-853) D. Kral', O. Serra, and L. Vena: A combinatorial proof of the Removal Lemma for Groups. PostScript (318 kB)
(2008-854) D. Kral', P. Nejedly, and X. Zhu Choosability of Squares of K_4-minor Free Graphs. PostScript (412 kB)
(2008-855) J. Matousek, A. Privetivy, and P. Skovron: How many points can be reconstructed from k projections?. PostScript (889 kB)
(2008-856) J. Matousek and M. Tancer: On the gap between representability and collapsibility. PostScript (356 kB)
(2008-857) V. Franek and J. Matousek: Computing D-convex hulls in the plane. PostScript (3822 kB)
(2008-858) J. Matousek: Removing degeneracy in LP-type problems revisited. PostScript (364 kB)
(2008-859) J. Matousek: LC reductions yield isomorphic simplicial complexes. PostScript (216 kB)
(2008-860) J. Matousek: On variants of the Johnson--Lindenstrauss lemma. PostScript (412 kB)
(2008-861) J. Cibulka, J. Hladky, M.A. LaCroix, and D.G. Wagner: A combinatorial proof of Rayleigh monotonicity for graphs. PDF (400 kB)
(2008-862) F. Havet, D. Kral', J. Sereni, and R. Skrekovski: Facial colorings using Hall's Theorem. PDF (465 kB)
(2008-863) J. Nesetril, P. Ossona de Mendez: Structural Properties of Sparse Graphs. PDF (691 kB)
(2008-864) D. Zeps: Combinatorial map as multiplication of combinatorial knots. PostScript (204 kB)
(2008-865) J. Nesetril and P. Ossona de Mendez: First Order Properties on Nowhere Dense Structures. PDF (350 kB)
(2008-866) D. Kral' and D. B. West: Chromatic number for a generalization of Cartesian product graphs. PostScript (314 kB)
(2008-867) D. Kral', J. Sereni, and M. Stiebitz: A new lower bound on the number of perfect matchings in cubic graphs. PDF (230 kB)
(2008-868) J. Foniok and C. Tardif: Adjoint functors and tree duality. PostScript (399 kB)
(2008-869) T. Marshall: Homomorphism bounds for oriented planar graphs II. PostScript (296 kB)
(2008-870) R. Ball, A. Pultr, and J. Sichler: Tame parts of free summands in coproducts of Priestley spaces. PostScript (400 kB)
(2008-871) B. Banaschewski and A. Pultr: Epimorphisms of metric frames. PostScript (328 kB)
(2008-872) S. Felsner and M. Pergel: The Complexity of Sorting with Networks of Stacks and Queues. PostScript (404 kB)
(2008-873) J. Nesetril: Many facets of dualities. PostScript (341 kB)
(2008-874) J. Hladky and D. Piguet: Loebl-Komlos-Sos Conjecture: dense case. PostScript (712 kB)
(2008-876) P. Gregor and R. Skrekovski: Long cycles in hypercubes with distant faulty vertices. PostScript (580 kB)
(2008-877) D. Dimitrov, T. Dvorak, P. Gregor, and R. Skrekovski: Gray Codes Faulting Matchings. PostScript (1370 kB)
(2008-878) J. Miskuf, R. Skrekovski, and M. Tancer: Backbone colorings of graphs with bounded degree. PostScript (383 kB)
(2008-879) J. Miskuf, R. Skrekovski, and M. Tancer: Backbone Colorings and Generalized Mycielski's Graphs. PostScript (385 kB)
(2008-880) Y. Nigussie: Structural description for Kruskal-Friedman ideals of finite trees. PostScript (366 kB)
(2008-881) Y. Nigussie: On well-quasi-ordering lower sets of finite trees, a new proof. PostScript (294 kB)
(2008-882) J. Fiala, S. Klavzar, and B. Lidicky: The packing chromatic number of infinite product graphs. PDF (376 kB)
(2008-883) M. DeVos, L. Goddyn, B. Mohar, and R. Samal: Cayley sum graphs and eigenvalues of (3,6)-fullerenes. PDF (123 kB)
(2008-884) J. Matousek and R. Samal: Induced trees in triangle-free graphs. PostScript (365 kB)
(2008-885) Z. Dvorak: Small Graph Classes and Bounded Expansion. PostScript (323 kB)
(2008-886) D. Kral' and L. Stacho: Coloring plane graphs with independent crossings. PostScript (369 kB)
(2008-887) Z. Dvorak, K. Kawarabayashi, and R. Thomas: Three-coloring triangle-free planar graphs in linear time. PostScript (331 kB)
(2008-888) P. Kolman and O. Pangrac: On the Complexity of Paths Avoiding Forbidden Pairs. PostScript (315 kB)
(2008-889) V. Muller, J. Nesetril, and V. Rodl: Some recollections on early work with Jan Pelant. PostScript (282 kB)
(2008-890) E. Lehtonen and J. Nesetril: Minors of Boolean functions with respect to clique functions and hypergraph homomorphisms. PostScript (486 kB)
(2008-891) J. Nesetril and O. Serra: On a conjecture of Erdos and Turan for additive basis. PostScript (366 kB)
(2008-892) P. Hell and J. Nesetril: Colouring, Constraint Satisfaction, and Complexity. PDF (591 kB)
(2008-893) D. Kral', S. Norine, and O. Pangrac: Markov bases of binary graph models of K_4-minor free graphs. PostScript (327 kB)
(2008-894) Z. Dvorak, B. Lidicky, and R. Skrekovski: Planar graphs without 3-, 7-, and 8-cycles are 3-choosable. PostScript (404 kB)
(2008-895) T. Ebenlendr and J. Sgall: Semi-Online Preemptive Scheduling: One Algorithm for All Variants. PDF (476 kB)
(2008-896) T. Ebenlendr and J. Sgall: A lower bound for scheduling of unit jobs with immediate decision on parallel machines. PostScript (298 kB)
(2008-897) D. Kral', O. Serra, and L. Vena: A Removal Lemma for Systems of Linear Equations over Finite Fields. PostScript (354 kB)
(2008-898) J. Azarija, R. Erman, D. Kral', M. Krnc, and L. Stacho: Cyclic colorings of plane graphs with independent faces. PostScript (290 kB)
(2008-899) M. Klazar and M. Loebl (eds.): Enumeration Workshop, Patejdlova bouda, Spindleruv Mlyn, November 17--23, 2007. PostScript (1063 kB)
(2008-900) Z. Dvorak, B. Lidicky, and R. Skrekovski: $3$-choosability of triangle-free planar graphs with constraint on $4$-cycles. PostScript (563 kB)
(2008-901) Milan Hladik: Tolerance analysis in linear programming. PostScript (372 kB)
(2008-902) P. Gregor and R. Skrekovski: On Generalized Middle Level Problem. PostScript (843 kB)
(2008-903) D. Kral', E. Macajova, J. Mazak, and J. Sereni: Circular edge-colorings of cubic graphs with girth six. PostScript (315 kB)
(2008-904) O. Amini, L. Esperet, and J. van den Heuvel: A Unified Approach to Distance-Two Colouring of Graphs on Surfaces. PostScript (768 kB)
(2008-905) L. Esperet, D. Kral', P. Skoda, and R. Skrekovski: An improved linear bound on the number of perfect matchings in cubic graphs. PostScript (556 kB)
(2008-906) T. Valla (ed.): Abstracts of KAM-DIMATIA Series Year 2008. PostScript (282 kB)