• KAM-DIMATIA Series 2007

(2007-802) Z. Dvorak, D. Kral', and R. Skrekovski: Non-rainbow colorings of 3-, 4- and 5-connected plane graphs. PostScript (480 kB)
(2007-803) M. Nehez: Properties of Oblivious End-to-End Communication Protocols in Reliability Networks with Hypercubic and Mesh-like Topology. PostScript (350 kB)
(2007-804) D. Kral', B. Mohar, A. Nakamoto, O. Pangrac, and Y. Suzuki: Coloring Eulerian triangulations of the Klein bottle. PostScript (558 kB)
(2007-805) J. Picado, A. Pultr, and A. Tozzi: Ideals in Heyting semilattices and open homomorphisms . PostScript (344 kB)
(2007-806) M. Hladik: Description of symmetric and skew--symmetric solution set. PostScript (328 kB)
(2007-807) D. Zeps : Classical and quantum self-reference systems in physics and mathematics . PostScript (293 kB)
(2007-808) J. Fiala and J. Kratochvil: Locally injective graph homomorphism: Lists guarantee dichotomy. PostScript (442 kB)
(2007-809) J. Matousek and P. Skovron: Removing degeneracy may require unbounded dimension increase. PostScript (552 kB)
(2007-810) J. Nesetril and P. Ossona de Mendez: Induced Matchings and Induced Paths in Graphs. PostScript (510 kB)
(2007-811) E. Ondrackova (ed.): HOMONOLO 2006. PDF (4822 kB)
(2007-812) J. Nesetril: A Surprising Permanence of Old Motivations (a not so rigid story). PDF (744 kB)
(2007-813) J. Foniok, J. Nesetril, and C. Tardif: On Finite Maximal Antichains in the Homomorphism Order. PostScript (223 kB)
(2007-814) J. Nesetril and M. H. Siggers: A New Combinatorial Approach to the Constraint Satisfaction Problem Dichotomy Classification. PostScript (448 kB)
(2007-815) M. Hladik: Multiparametric linear programming: support set and optimal partition invariancy. PostScript (346 kB)
(2007-816) J. Hladky, D. Kral', J. Sereni and M. Stiebitz: List colorings with measurable sets. PostScript (383 kB)
(2007-817) M. Hladik: Additive and multiplicative tolerance in multiobjective linear programming. PostScript (258 kB)
(2007-818) D. Kral', E. Macajova, O. Pangrac, A. Raspaud, J. Sereni and M. Skoviera: Projective, affine, and abelian colorings of cubic graphs. PostScript (522 kB)
(2007-819) Z. Dvorak and R. Skrekovski: k-chromatic number of graphs on surfaces. PostScript (332 kB)
(2007-820) D. Kral', E. Macajova, A. Por and J. Sereni: Characterization results for Steiner triple systems and their application to edge-colorings of cubic graphs. PDF (303 kB)
(2007-821) J. Hubicka and J. Nesetril: A Finite Presentation of the rational Urysohn Space. PostScript (371 kB)
(2007-822) D. Garijo, J. Nesetril and M. P. Revuelta: Homomorphisms and Polynomial Invariants of Graphs. PostScript (468 kB)
(2007-823) J. Nesetril and M. Siggers: Combinatorial Proof that Subprojective Constraint Satisfaction Problems are NP-Complete. PostScript (382 kB)
(2007-824) Milan Hladik: Optimal value range in interval linear programming. PostScript (248 kB)
(2007-825) J. Hladky, M. Krcal, B. Lidicky (eds.): Spring School on Combinatorics 2007. PDF (60 MB)
(2007-826) D. Kral', P. Skoda: Bounds for the real number graph labellings and application to labellings of the triangular lattice. PostScript (363 kB)
(2007-827) D. Piguet, M. J. Stein: An approximate version of the Loebl-Komlos-Sos conjecture. PostScript (735 kB)
(2007-828) J. Nesetril, T. Valla: On Ramsey-type Positional Games. PostScript (759 kB)
(2007-829) S. Gago: Eigenvalues of scale free graphs. PostScript (2417 kB)
(2007-830) Milan Hladik: Solution set of complex linear interval systems of equations. PostScript (375 kB)
(2007-831) Jan Kara, ed.: Third Workshop on Graph Classes, Optimization, and Width Parameters. PostScript (3606 kB)
(2007-832) R. N. Ball, A. Pultr, J. Sichler: A Priestley Sum of Finite Trees is Acyclic. PostScript (336 kB)
(2007-833) J. Hladky, D. Kral', and S. Norine: Rank of divisors on tropical curves. PostScript (475 kB)
(2007-834) Jan Foniok: Homomorphisms and Structural Properties of Relational Systems. PDF (650 kB)
(2007-835) R. N. Ball, J. Nesetril, and A. Pultr: Finite dualities, in particular in full homomorphisms. PostScript (322 kB)
(2007-836) K. Kawarabayashi, D. Kral, J. Kyncl, and B. Lidicky: 6-critical graphs on the Klein bottle. PostScript (674 kB)
(2007-837) J. Fiala, D. Kral', and J. Kratochvil (eds.): Workshop on Frequency Assignment Problems, Sadek (Trebic), September 23--27, 2007. PostScript (27462 kB)
(2007-838) S. Gago and D. Schlatter: Bounded expansion in web graphs. PostScript (336 kB)
(2007-839) F. Kardos, D. Kral', J. Miskuf, and J. Sereni: Fullerene graphs have exponentially many perfect matchings. PostScript (283 kB)
(2007-840) J. Fiala, P. Golovach, and J. Kratochvil: Distance constrained labelings of trees. PostScript (521 kB)
(2007-841) J. Fiala and D. Paulusma: Comparing universal covers in polynomial time. PostScript (369 kB)
(2007-842) D. Piguet and M. Stein: The Loebl--Komlos--Sos conjecture for trees of diameter 5 and for certain caterpillars. PostScript (298 kB)
(2007-843) Tomas Valla (ed.): Abstracts of KAM-DIMATIA Series \ Year 2007 . PostScript (210 kB)