Recommendation e-mail

Get recommended for a secondment 

The local committees of the beneficiary institutions select, approve and recommend the secondments. To confirm the activation of a secondment, the contact person of the local committee has to send an e-mail to the coordinator of the project, Martin Loebl (Charles University). The e-mail has to contain:

  • The name of the researcher to be seconded;
  • The name of the institution of affiliation;
  • The employment or study status;
  • The (planned) beginning and end date of the secondment;
  • The name of the host institution for the secondment;
  • The work package of CoSP to which the researcher will contribute.

Contact persons for outgoing secondments 

Charles University (Czech Republic)

  • Martin Loebl

Technion (Israel)

  • Ron Aharoni

CNRS (France)

  • Lenka Zdeborova