Application for the mobility grant

Please follow these steps to receive the mobility grant for a secondment. Should you have questions contact Eva Sauerova (, the manager of the project.

Write a research plan

Write a concise research plan (200-500 words) that identifies on which scientific deliverables you will work and to which part of the research project you will contribute.

Determine the duration of the secondment

Select the precise beginning and end date of the secondment. A secondment has to be a minimum of one month (30 days) and maximum of twelve (12) months long. A researcher can be seconded several times as long as the sum of all of his secondments does not exceed the maximum.

For example, John can be seconded six months to a partner institution in 2017 and six months to another partner in 2019. Jane cannot be seconded to a partner institution fifteen days in June and then fifteen days in December.

We recommend setting the beginning date of a secondment for at least four months from the time of the application. Several administrative procedures, such as obtaining a visa and an invitation letter, can take 90 days or more.

Obtain an invitation letter

Obtain an invitation letter, from your contact person at the host institution, that confirms the secondment and its duration. The letter has to contain at least a statement that the host institution will welcome the researcher, by mentioning its name, the dates of the secondment, and the person in charge.

Provide proof of affiliation and employment

Scan the documents in PDF. 

Application for a mobility grant

Apply via the Apply/sing in page on this website to fill in the details of your secondment and upload the documents. When you are applying for your first secondment, you go to the Apply page and create an account. For the next secondments you sign in to your account and apply from there.

 The administration of CoSP will confirm the secondment if the researcher is eligible, recommended by his institution of affiliation and provides all the required documents. If the secondment is confirmed, the applicant will receive a letter that will confirm the amount of the grant.