Eligibility to a secondment

Verify that you are eligible to a secondment

Secondments are meant for staff members of participating institutions of the project CoSP. A staff member is an active researcher or a student at his/her home institution. To be seconded, the staff member must have a formal affiliation with the institution or being a Ph.D. student. 

Outgoing secondments 

These secondments are for researchers of the European Union going abroad. The researcher should be affiliated with one of these beneficiary institutions:

  • Charles University (Czech Republic);
  • Technion (Israel);
  • CNRS (France);

The researcher should be seconded to one of the partner institutions of CoSP. 

Incoming secondments

These secondments are for the staff members coming from abroad to the European Union. The staff member should be affiliated with one of the partner institutions of CoSP. 

The researcher should be seconded in one one the beneficiary institutions of CoSP. 


An applicant must meet all these three criteria:

(1) A contract proving active engagement with a beneficiary institution for at least one month full-time equivalent prior to the beginning of the secondment. The contract should have been uninterrupted and continuous. The following categories of employees are eligible:

 - experienced researchers must be in possession of a  doctoral degree or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience. They justify their eligibility with a contract (working or similar contract).
 - early stage researchers are typically Ph.D. students. They have to fulfill eligibility criteria to apply for a Ph.D.  study and be in the first four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of their research careers. An early stage researcher may not have been awarded a doctoral degree. They prove their active engagement with a registration for a Ph.D.
 - staff members are administrative, managerial or technical staff, who must be actively engaged in or linked to R&I activities of the project. They justify their eligibility with a contract (working or similar contract).

(2) Full-time work dedication to CoSP project-related research and training during the secondment.

(3) No cumulation with mobility support from the European Commission (EC) other than CoSP. It is not possible to cumulate multiple travel and personnel costs during secondment fundings      from the EC. Additional financial support from the beneficiary institution is acceptable.

Every beneficiary institution reserves the right to refuse researcher whose research plans do not match the institution’s research fields and/or do not meet the institution’s standards.