Project news

CoSP School on homomorphisms

December 3--December 4 in Prague

organised by Jan Hubicka and Jaroslav Nesetril

in the School of Informatics, Malostranske nam 25, Prague 1, Czech Republic

CoSP lecture at Simon-Fraser University on 22/10/2019

Robert Samal from Charles University has successfully started his secondment at Simon Fraser University (Canada). He is going to hold a lecture on the binary paint shop problem. Details are below:

Date:  Tuesday October 22, 2019

Time:  13:30 - 14:20

Place:  SFU Burnaby, room K9509

Speaker: Robert Samal

Affiliation: Charles University

Title: The binary paint shop problem (aka necklace splitting problem) 

Abstract: A double occurrence word w is a word (sequence of  letters) in which each of its letters occurs exactly twice. Legal  2-coloring of w is a colouring of individual letters such that each  letter occurs once red and once blue. Our goal is  to find  for a double occurrence word w a legal 2-coloring with minimal  number of colour changes – neighbouring letters of different colour.

This question was motivated by an industrial application, however  we approach it like a pure combinatorial question -- proving a lower  bound (that disproved a conjecture), improving known upper bounds,  proving tight concentration, etc.

(Joint work with J. Hancl, A. Kabela, M. Opler, J. Sosnovec, P. Valtr)

Public Discussion on the H-method for teaching mathematics in elementary schools

Public Discussion on the H-method for teaching mathematics in elementary schools

Martin Loebl takes part in the public discussion on the H-method for teaching mathematics; to be held on Tuesday October 16 5 p.m. in the elementary school Chlupova in Prague.

Public lecture series and training in the complementary skill of self-promotion


July 30, 14--15:30 and 15:45--17.15

featured by Vašek Chvátal (Concordia University Montreal and Charles University, Prague)

in the lecture room S5 of the Schol of Informatics, Charles University, 

Malostranske nam. 25, Prague 1, Czech Republic

You can download the poster: 


First CoSP Management Committee meeting

Part of the CoSP Workshop and school on topological methods will be devoted to the administrative and management of the project. Representatives of Charles University, Technion and CNRS will meet at the meeting of the Management Comittee on 22nd July 2019.

Visit at Nokia Bell Labs

CoSP-REU 2019 students spent one day in Nokia Bell Labs in New Jersey. They attended several talks on using theoretical results in practice and about also new 5G networks. The students also visited two anechoic chambers - most quiet places on the Earth.

CoSP-REU is a summer internship within Research Experiences for Undergraduates. It takes place at Rutgers University (USA) from 28th May 2019 to 21st July 2019.

CoSP Student Workshop

CoSP student workshop is held July 25 in S6, Charles University, Malostranske nam 25, Prague 1. 

Continuation of REU 2019 in Prague supported by CoSP

A rich programme  for the American and Czech young researchers, supported by CoSP, will be held July 22-- August 2 in Prague.

The programme includes the CoSP School on topological methods, the CoSP student workshop and features

V. Chvátal: Traveling salesman problem (public lecture-series and training in the complementary skill of self-promotion)

REU 2019 begins and is supported by CoSP

This year a group of 10 Czech students (7 undergraduates and 3 graduates) attend to the Research Experience for Undergraduates programe at DIMACS, Rutgers University. This research visit is supported by CoSP

CoSP in media

An article about CoSP appeared in the Charles University web page.