CoSP Workshop and school on topological methods

July 22--July 26 in Prague

organised by Ron Aharoni and Martin Loebl

in the School of Informatics, Malostranske nam 25, Prague 1, Czech Republic.

During the workshop the 1st Management Committee Meeting of CoSP takes place.

The school on topological methods  is a part of this workshop. It takes place on Tuesday July 23 featuring the presentations:

Ron Aharoni

Penny Haxell: Topological Connectedness and Independent Sets in Graphs


Joseph Briggs

Kai Fong Ernest Chong

Andereas Holmsen

Tomas Kaiser

Jinha Kim: Collapsibility of non-cover complex of graphs

Minki Kim: Rainbow independent sets in graphs

Alan Lew: Collapsibility of simplicial complexes of hypergraphs

Seunghun Lee: Leray property of the complex of graphs with no matchings of size k

Frederic Meunier: A mutilabeled version of Fan’s lemma

Zuzana Patakova

Yuval Peled

Gabor Simonyi: Shannon capacity and the categorical product

Matej Stehlik

Martin Tancer: Even maps, the Colin de Verdi`ere number and representations of graphs

Gabor Tardos

Shira Zerbib

Zilin Jiang 

You can download the poster: