Basic information

You can always reach me by e-mail: 1@2354knopkammffczcuni.


Credit for the class will be awarded for at least $2/3$ of all possible points for homeworks and tests.


  1. April 6 - Inner product, norm, orthonormalization, orthogonal complement and projections. The test.


  1. Implement and test the least squares method (deadline April 20) for testing use the datasheet
  2. II. Homework, no deadline, 40 points possible

Exercises sheets

  1. Winter semester recap
  2. Inner product, norm and C-S inequality
  3. C-S inequality and G-S process
  4. More orthogonality and some basic projections
  5. Projections and least squares method
  6. a test
  7. Determinants
  8. Eigenvalues