Doctoral seminar

Kombinatorický seminář pro pokročilé (NDMI041) se v roce 2019/2020 koná (jako již tradičně) ve čtvrtek od 9:50 do 12:10 v S6. During the Summer Semester 2019-2020, the seminar is led by Martin Balko and Hans Raj Tiwary.

The participants of the seminar present papers of general interest from mathematics and theoretical cs The articles are selected by the seminar organizers and/or advisors of participating PhD students. The speaker's task is to read and understand the whole paper, then present the main/most interesting parts of it. Please do explain motivation and "big picture" -- but don't stop there, we want to see the proof, or at least part of it (and overview of the other parts).

The person presenting a paper is also responsible for preparing a one- to two-page summary (handout) before the seminar. Please bring this printed out for the other participants and also send an electronic version by email to hansraj@kam ...

A summary of the proposed articles is available at a special page. Articles from other sources are welcome, but consult them please with the seminar organizers.

Announcements are sent out via mailing list dokt-seminar-l@kam. If you wish to subscribe, visit the archive or change your options, see the mailing list webpage.

Preliminary program:
            Winter Semester 2019/2020
03.10.2019no seminar
10.10.2019Organizational Meetingstarts at 10:00
17.10.2019Matěj KonečnýJan Hubička, Matěj Konečný, Jaroslav Nešetřil -- A combinatorial proof of the extension property for partial isometries[arXiv]handout
24.10.2019Michael SkotnicaTwo papers -- No-three-in-line problem on a torus[arXiv]
31.10.2019Pavel DvořákEric Blais, Joshua Brody -- Optimal Separation and Strong Direct Sum for Randomized Query Complexity[arXiv]handout
07.11.2019Denys BulavkaAnna Lubiw, Zuzana Masárová, Uli Wagner -- A Proof of the Orbit Conjecture for Flipping Edge-Labelled Triangulations[Link]handout
14.11.2019Michal OplerMarthe Bonamy, Cyril Gavoille, Michal Pilipczuk -- Shorter Labeling Schemes for Planar Graphs[arXiv]handout
21.11.2019DOD -- no room
28.11.2019Marek ČernýJim Lawrence -- Dual-Antiprisms and Partitions of Powers of 2 into Powers of 2[Link]CANCELLED!
05.12.2019Jakub PekárekYossi Azar, Ilan Reuven Cohen, Alan Roytman -- Online Lower Bounds via Duality[arXiv]handout
19.12.2019no seminar
09.01.2020Michal BergCANCELLED!
            Summer Semester 2019/2020
20.02.2020Organizational Meetingstarts at 10:00
27.02.2020Matěj KonečnýAndreas Blass -- Ultrafilters: Where Topological Dynamics = Algebra = Combinatorics[Link]
05.03.2020Mathematical Colloquium
12.03.2020Denys BulavkaSleator, Tarjan, Thurston -- Rotation distance, triangulations and hyperbolic geometry[Link]CANCELLED!
19.03.2020Pankaj KumarIsolde Adler et al. -- Tight Bounds for Linkages in Planar Graphs[Link]CANCELLED!
26.03.2020Veronika SlivovaNguyen, Regev -- Learning a Parallelepiped: Cryptanalysis of GGH and NTRU Signatures[Link]CANCELLED!
02.04.2020Michaela SeifertováConlon, Fox, Sudakov -- Short proofs of some extremal results III[arXiv]CANCELLED!
09.04.2020Pavel DvořákChattopadhyay, Mande, Sherif -- The Log-Approximate-Rank Conjecture is False[Link]CANCELLED!
16.04.2020Michal BergCANCELLED!
23.04.2020Spring School
30.04.2020Jakub PekárekCANCELLED!
07.05.2020Michal OplerGuillemot, Marx -- Finding small patterns in permutations in linear time[arXiv]CANCELLED!
14.05.2020Michael SkotnicaCANCELLED!

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