Doctoral seminar

During the Fall Semester 2021/2022, the seminar is organized by Robert Šámal. Contact me (at samal@iuuk....) if you have any question.

The participants of the seminar present papers of general interest from mathematics and theoretical cs. The articles are selected by the seminar organizers and/or advisors of participating PhD students. The speaker's task is to read and understand the whole paper, then present the main/most interesting parts of it. For each paper there is "mentor" available who will be glad to help you with understanding the paper. Please do explain motivation and "big picture" -- but don't stop there, we want to see the proof, or at least part of it (and overview of the other parts).

The person presenting a paper is also responsible for preparing a one- to two-page summary (handout) before the seminar. Please send an electronic version by email to samal@iuuk... (at least an hour before the seminar starts, I will bring a physical copy for everyone).

A summary of the proposed articles is available at a special page. More papers will be added soon. Articles from other sources are welcome, but consult them please with the seminar organizers.

Announcements are sent out via mailing list dokt-seminar-l@kam. If you wish to subscribe, visit the archive or change your options, see the mailing list webpage.

Preliminary program:
7.10.2021Organizational Meeting
14.10.2021Pankaj KumarImproved bounds for the sunflower lemma by Ryan Alweiss, Shachar Lovett, Kewen Wu, Jiapeng Zhang[link]
21.10.2021Tung Anh VuOn Integer Programming, Discrepancy and Convolution by Klaus Jansen, and Lars Rohwedder[link]
28.10.2021no seminar -- state holiday
4.11.2021Sudatta BhattacharyaPlanar graphs have bounded queue number by Dujmović, Joret, Micek, Morin, Ueckerdt, and Wood[link]
11.11.2021Michal OplerOptimal labelling schemes[link]
18.11.2021Jan SoukupPlanar point sets determine many pairwise crossing segments[link]
25.11.2021Michael SkotnicaOn convex holes in d-dimensional point sets by Bukh, Chao, and Holzman[link]
2.12.2021Guillermo GamboaReverse Kakeya problem by Bae, Cabello, Cheong, Choi, Stehn and Yoon[link]
9.12.2021nobodyHomonolo workshop (we should all come!)
16.12.2021Denys BulavkaEquiangular lines with a fixed angle by Jiang, Tidor, Yao, Zhang, and Zhao[link]
6.1.2022Jakub PekárekBreaking the degeneracy barrier by Norin, Postle, and Song[link]
Spring semester
17.2.2022Organizational Meeting
24.2.2022Babak GhanbariInterlacing Families I: Bipartite Ramanujan Graphs of All Degrees by Marcus, Spielman, and Srivastava[link]
3.3.2022Guillermo GamboaD. Conlon, J. Fox, H.T. Pham: The upper logarithmic density of monochromatic subset sums[link]
10.3.2022Gaurav KucheriyaD. Conlon, A. Ferber: Lower bounds for multicolor Ramsey numbers[link]
17.3.2022Lukáš FolwarcznýM. Göös, A. Hollender, S. Jain, G. Maystre, W. Pires, R. Robere, R. Tao: Further Collapses in TFNP[link]
24.3.2022Tung Anh VuS. Akmal, R. Williams: MAJORITY-3SAT (and Related Problems) in Polynomial Time[link]
31.3.2022Sudatta BhattacharyaS. Das, A. Pokrovskiy, B. Sudakov: Isomorphic bisections of cubic graphs[link]
7.4.2022Fariba NoorizadehA. Biniaz, P. Bose, P. Carmi, A. Maheshwari, J. I. Munro, M. Smid: Faster Algorithms for some optimization problems on collinear points[link]
14.4.2022Jan SoukupJ. Davies, C. Keller, L. Kleist, S. Smorodinsky, B. Walczak: A solution to Ringel's circle problem[link]
21.4.2022Denys BulavkaI. Tomon: String graphs have the Erdős-Hajnal property[link]
28.4.2022Pankaj KumarC. Palmer, D. Pálvölgyi: At most $3.55^n$ stable matchings[link]
5.5.2022spring school
12.5.2022Michal OplerBonnet, Geniet, Kim, Thomassé, Watrigant -- Twin-width III: Max Independent Set, Min Dominating Set, and Coloring[link]

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