Doctoral seminar

Kombinatorický seminář pro pokročilé (NDMI041) se v roce 2018/2019 koná (jako již tradičně) ve čtvrtek od 9:50 do 12:10 v S6. The seminar is led by Robert Šámal and Hans Raj Tiwary.

The participants of the seminar present papers of general interest from mathematics and theoretical cs The articles are selected by the seminar organizers and/or advisors of participating PhD students. The speaker's task is to read and understand the whole paper, then present the main/most interesting parts of it. Please do explain motivation and "big picture" -- but don't stop there, we want to see the proof, or at least part of it (and overview of the other parts).

The person presenting a paper is also responsible for preparing a one- to two-page summary (handout) before the seminar. Please bring this printed out for the other participants and also send an electronic version by email samal@iuuk ... as a PDF.

A summary of the proposed articles is available at a special page. Articles from other sources are welcome, but consult them please with the seminar organizers.

Announcements are sent out via mailing list dokt-seminar-l@kam. If you wish to subscribe, visit the archive or change your options, see the mailing list webpage.

Preliminary program:
11.10.2018paper selectionstarts at 10:40
18.10.2018Veronika SlívováMatt DeVos, Jessica McDonald, Amanda Montejano -- Non-monochromatic Triangles in a 2-Edge-Coloured Graph[arXiv]
25.10.2018Karel KrálCristian S. Claude, Sanjay Jain, Bakhadyr Khoussainov, Wei Li, Frank Stephan -- Deciding Parity Games in Quasipolynomial Time[Link] [another proof]
1.11.2018Michal OplerSergey Norin, Alex Scott, Paul Seymour, David R. Wood -- Clustered coloring in minor-closed classes[arXiv]
8.11.2018Gil Kalaivideo from his ICM2018 talk
15.11.2018Shachar Lovett, UC San DiegoApplications of Information theory in Combinatoricsvideohandout
22.11.2018DOD -- no room
29.11.2018Michael SkotnicaAlex Scott, Paul Seymour, David R. Wood -- Bad News for Chordal Partitions[arXiv]
20.12.2018Jana SyrovátkováPierre Aboulker, Marthe Bonamy, Nicolas Bousquet, Louis Esperet -- Distributed coloring in sparse graphs with fewer colors[arXiv]
3.1.2019no seminar
10.1.2019Pavel DvořákAndrej Bogdanov, Siyao Guo, Ilan Komargodski -- Threshold Secret Sharing Requires a Linear Size Alphabet[web]
21.2.2019Radek HušekMarcel K. de Carli Silva, Fernando Mário de Oliveira Filho, Cristiane Maria Sato - Flag Algebras: A First Glance[arXiv]

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