Exercises for Combinatorial and Computational Geometry I - 17/18

Česká verze (Czech version)

The lecture takes place on Tuesday 14:00 at S3, the exercises on Tuesday 15:40 at S3.

The exercises for the lecture Combinatorial and Computational Geometry I take place irregularly according to the preliminary schedule shown below. You will get the credit if you solve enough problems assigned during the semester. Each problem is evaluated according to its difficulty. Usually you will have four weeks to solve the problems and write your solutions. We will give you hints for the most difficult problems after three weeks. After we give you a hint for a problem, the amount of points that you can get for solving this problem reduces to half of the original maximum. If you hand in a better solution after the hint has been given, we add half of the points from your previous solution to the points from your new solution. It is not possible to get any points for solving the problems after a deadline has passed.

During the exercise sessions, we will assign some easy problems to practice new definitions and notions from the lecture. Each of these problems is worth one point, which you get if you present us a correct solution by the end of the exercise session. You need at least 30 points together to get credit for the course, and 65 points are sufficient to pass the exam. Generally, the more points you get, the easier the exam will be for you.

If you wish to see your score on this page, please choose a nickname and write it on the paper with your solutions (as well as your name), or send it by e-mail. Without the nickname we will not make your score public. On the day of a deadline, your solutions should be handed in before the lecture. The deadline for the solutions sent by e-mail is 12:20. We recommend to send the electronic solutions to both TA's.

In case of any questions, you can contact Pavel Valtr (valtr at kam.mff.cuni.cz) or Jan Kynčl (kyncl at kam.mff.cuni.cz).

Series of problems

Winter semester

1. Convex sets CZ, EN 3.10.2017 24.10.2017 31.10.2017
2. Helly-type theorems and the ham sandwich theorem CZ, EN 17.10.2017 7.11.2017 14.11.2017
3. Crossing numbers and incidences CZ, EN 31.10.2017 28.11.2017
4. Duality a polytopes CZ, EN 14.11.2017 12.12.2017 19.12.2017
5. Polytopes, arrangements, and Voronoi diagrams CZ, EN 28.11.2017 4.1.2018
6. Bonus problems CZ, EN 4.1.2018 9.2.2018

Schedule (winter semester)

3.10.2017 Series 1 assigned at the end of the lecture, exercise
17.10.2017 Series 2 assigned, exercise
24.10.2017 Hints for Series 1 at the end of the lecture
31.10.2017 Series 3 assigned, exercise, deadline for Series 1
7.11.2017 Hints for Series 2 at the end of the lecture
14.11.2017 Series 4 assigned, exercise, deadline for Series 2
28.11.2017 Series 5 assigned, exercise, deadline for Series 3
12.12.2017 Hints for Series 4 at the end of the lecture
19.12.2017 exercise, deadline for Series 4
4.1.2018 deadline for Series 5
9.1.2018 exercise




Lecture notes (Bernard Lidický) (in Czech)