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  28. Simple realizability of complete abstract topological graphs simplified, submitted.
  29. Better upper bounds on the Füredi–Hajnal limits of permutations (with J. Cibulka), manuscript.
  30. Hardness of permutation pattern matching (with V. Jelinek), manuscript.
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  33. A superlinear lower bound on the number of 5-holes (with O. Aichholzer, M. Balko, T. Hackl, I. Parada, M. Scheucher, P. Valtr and B. Vogtenhuber), submitted.
  34. Induced Ramsey-type results and binary predicates for point sets (with M. Balko, S. Langerman and A. Pilz), The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 24 (2017), Issue 4, P4.24, 22 pp. link
  35. Counterexample to an extension of the Hanani–Tutte theorem on the surface of genus 4 (with R. Fulek), submitted.



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