• KAM-DIMATIA Series 2012

(2012-1019) Z. Dvorak, B. Lidicky, and B. Mohar: $5$-choosability of graphs with crossings far apart. PDF (387 kB) BibTeX
(2012-1020) D. Ferguson, T. Kaiser, and D. Kral': The fractional chromatic number of triangle-free subcubic graphs. PDF (527 kB) BibTeX
(2012-1021) Milan Hladik: Weak and strong solvability of interval linear systems of equations and inequalities. PostScript (357 kB) BibTeX
(2012-1022) D. Kral' and O. Pikhurko: Quasirandom permutations are characterized by 4-point densities. PostScript (323 kB) BibTeX
(2012-1023) J. Heuvel, D. Kral', M. Kupec, J.-S. Sereni, and J. Volec: Extensions of Fractional Precolorings show Discontinuous Behavior. PostScript (771 kB) BibTeX
(2012-1024) M. Tancer and D. Tonkonog: Good covers are algorithmically unrecognizable. PostScript (766 kB) BibTeX
(2012-1025) J. Cummings, D. Kral', F. Pfender, K. Sperfeld, A. Treglown, and M. Young: Monochromatic triangles in three-coloured graphs. PostScript (522 kB) BibTeX

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