• KAM-DIMATIA Series 2003

(2003-600) P. Hell and J.J. Montellano: Polychromatic Cliques. PostScript
(2003-601) Z. Furedi, A.V. Kostochka, M. Stiebitz, R. Skrekovski, and D. B. West: Nordhaus--Gaddum-type theorems for decompositions into many parts. PostScript
(2003-602) V. Jungic, D. Kral', and R. Skrekovski: Colorings of Plane Graphs with no Rainbow Faces. PostScript
(2003-603) Z. Dvorak, J. Kara, D. Kral', and O. Pangrac: An Algorithm for Cyclic Edge Connectivity of Cubic Graphs. PostScript
(2003-604) M. Loebl: A Discrete Non-Pfaffian Approach to the Ising Problem. PostScript
(2003-605) B. Banaschewski and A. Pultr: On weak lattice and frame homomorphisms. PostScript
(2003-606) J. Hubicka and J. Nesetril: On Homogeneous Graphs and Posets. PostScript
(2003-607) J. Matousek: Bounded VC-dimension implies a fractional Helly theorem. PostScript
(2003-608) J. Han Kim, J. Matousek, and V.H. Vu: Discrepancy after adding a single set. PostScript
(2003-609) I. Barany and J. Matousek: The randomized integer convex hull. PostScript
(2003-610) J. Matousek and M. Stojakovic: On Restricted Min-Wise Independence of Permutations. PostScript
(2003-611) J. Matousek: A lower bound on the size of Lipschitz subsets in dimension 3. PostScript
(2003-612) A. Holmsen and J. Matousek: No Helly theorem for stabbing translates by lines in $R^3$. PostScript
(2003-613) J. Matousek: The number of unique-sink orientations of the hypercube. PostScript
(2003-614) D. Kral': Coloring Powers of Chordal Graphs. PostScript
(2003-615) P. Kolman and J. Matousek: Crossing number, pair-crossing number, and expansion. PostScript
(2003-616) R.N. Ball, A. Pultr, and J. Sichler: Priestley configurations and Heyting varieties. PostScript
(2003-617) J. Fiala (ed.): Oficiál Kombinatorického semináre. PostScript
(2003-618) M. Loebl, J. Matousek, and O. Pangrac: Triangles in random graphs. PostScript
(2003-619) T. Luczak, J. Nesetril: On projective graphs. PostScript
(2003-620) J. Hubicka, J. Nesetril: Universal Partial Order Represented by Means of Trees \\ and Other Simple Graphs. PostScript
(2003-621) J. Hubicka, J. Nesetril: Finite Paths are Universal. PostScript
(2003-622) J. Fiala, J. Maxova: Cantor-type theorem for locally constrained graph homomorphisms. PostScript
(2003-623) J. Cerny, Z. Dvorak, V. Jelinek, and P. Podbrdsky: Generalization of the polygon-crossing problem. PostScript
(2003-624) M. Bodirsky and J. Nesetril: Constraint Satisfaction with Countable Homogeneous Templates. PostScript
(2003-625) M. Balek and J. Nesetril: Measuring of Aesthetic Invariant of Images. PostScript
(2003-626) D. Kral': Locally satisfiable formulas. PostScript
(2003-627) J. Cerny, Z. Dvorak, V. Jelinek, J. Kara: Noncrossing Hamiltonian Paths in Geometric Graphs. PostScript
(2003-628) B. Bresar, S. Klavzar, and R. Skrekovski: On cube-free median graphs. PostScript
(2003-629) J. Kratochvil: Complexity of hypergraph coloring and Seidel's switching. PostScript
(2003-630) H. Broersma, F. V. Fomin, J. Kratochvil, and G. J. Woeginger: Planar graph coloring avoiding monochromatic subgraphs: trees and paths make things difficult. PostScript
(2003-631) S. Gravier and R. Skrekovski: Coloring the clique hypergraph of graphs without forbidden structure. PostScript
(2003-632) V. Jungic and R. Radoicic: Rainbow Arithmetic Progressions. PostScript
(2003-633) D. Kral' and L. Stacho: Closure for the Property of Having a Hamiltonian Prism. PostScript
(2003-634) M. Stiebitz and R. Skrekovski : A Map Colour Theorem for the Union of Graphs. PostScript
(2003-635) J. Matousek and P. Skovron : Three views of LP-type optimization problems. PostScript
(2003-636) T. Kaiser and D. Kral' and R. Skrekovski : A Revival of the Girth Conjecture. PostScript
(2003-637) D. Kral': Extending partial 5-colorings and 6-colorings in planar graphs. PostScript
(2003-638) M. Janata: Matroids Induced by Packing Subgraphs. PostScript
(2003-639) M. Janata: About a new class of matroid-inducing packing families. PostScript
(2003-640) T. Luczak and J. Nesetril : A probabilistic approach to the dychotomy problem. PostScript
(2003-641) D. Kral' and J. Sgall : Coloring graphs from lists with bounded size of their union. PostScript
(2003-642) J. Nesetril and O. Serra: The Erdos-Turan Property for a Class of Bases. PostScript
(2003-643) J. Nesetril: Ramsey Classes and Homogeneous Structures. PostScript
(2003-644) W. Hochstaettler and J. Nesetril: Antisymmetric Flows in Matroids. PostScript
(2003-645) D. Kral': Mixed Hypergraphs and Other Coloring Problems. PostScript
(2003-646) T. Madaras and R. Skrekovski : Lightness, heaviness and gravity. PostScript
(2003-647) J. Fiala, D. Kral' and R. Skrekovski : A Brooks-type Theorem for the Generalized List $T$-Coloring. PostScript
(2003-648) D. Kral': Group coloring is $\Pi_2^P$-complete. PostScript
(2003-649) J. Cerny : Geometric graphs with no three disjoint edges. PostScript
(2003-650) R. N. Ball, A. Pultr and J. Sichler: Configurations in Coproducts of~Priestley~Spaces. PostScript
(2003-651) J. Nesetril, A. Pultr and C. Tardif : Gaps and dualities in Heyting categories. PostScript
(2003-652) T. H. Marshall: Antisymmetric flows on planar graphs. PostScript
(2003-653) B. Gartner, F. Tschirschnitz, J. Solymosi, P. Valtr and E. Welzl : One line and n points . PostScript