• KAM Series 1997

(97-338) J. Nesetril : A few remarks on the history of MST-problem.
(97-339) Martin Klazar ed. : Fourth Prague combinatorial workshop. PostScript Source
(97-340) A. Tharwat, K. Zimmermann : Some optimization problems on solubility sets of separable max-min equations and inequalities. PostScript Source
(97-341) J. Matousek : An $L_p$ version of the Beck-Fiala conjecture. PostScript Source
(97-342) J. Kratochvil, P. Mihok, G. Semanisin : Graphs maximal with respect to hom-properties. PostScript Source
(97-343) J. Kratochvil, J. Nesetril, M. Rosenfeld : Graph designs, Hadamard matrices and geometric configurations. PostScript Source
(97-344) J. Kratochvil, P. Mihok : Hom-properties are uniquely factorizable into irreducible factors. PostScript Source
(97-345) J. Kratochvil, Zs. Tuza, M. Voigt : Brooks type theorems for choosability with separation. PostScript Source
(97-346) M. Klazar ed. : Third annual DONET meeting. PostScript Source
(97-347) P. Hlineny, J. Kratochvil : Computational complexity of the Krausz dimension of graphs. PostScript Source
(97-348) P. Valtr : On geometric graphs with no $k$ pairwise parallel edges. PostScript Source
(97-349) P. Valtr : On the density of subgraphs in a graph with bounded independence number. PostScript Source
(97-350) reserved
(97-351) DIMATIA-DIMACS conference: The futre of discrete mathematics; Stirin, May 19-25, 1997. PostScript Source
(97-352) B. Gruber : Classification of lattices.
(97-353) A. Pultr, J. Sichler : Finite commucative monoids of open maps. PostScript Source
(97-354) J. Kratochvil, J.A. Telle : Complexity of colored graph covers II. When 2-SAT helps. PostScript Source
(97-355) G. Karolyi, J. Pach, G. Toth, P. Valtr : Ramsey-type results for geometric graphs II. PostScript Source
(97-356) M. Klazar : Note on the maximum size of a Sidon set. PostScript Source
(97-357) O.V. Borodin, A.V. Kostochka, J. Nesetril, A. Raspaud, E. Sopena : On universal graphs for planar oriented graphs of a given girth. PostScript Source
(97-358) H. de Fraysseix, P. Ossona de Mendez : A short proof of a Gauss problem. PostScript Source
(97-359) T. Plewe, A. Pultr, A. Tozzi : Regular monomorphisms of Hausdorff frames. PostScript Source
(97-360) A. Gallucio, M. Loebl : A Theory Of Pfaffian Orientations I: Perfect matchings and permanents. PostScript Source
(97-361) A Theory Of Pfaffian Orientations II: $T$-joins, Edge-Cuts, And A Duality of Enumeration. PostScript Source
(97-362) J. Fiala, ed. : Spring School in Combinatorics (Borova Lada, April 1997). PostScript Source
(97-363) P. Pancoska, V. Janota, J. Nesetril, T.A. Keiderling : Novel Matrix Descriptor for Spectroscopic Determination of the Connectivity of Secondary Structure Segments in Proteins. Analysis of General Properties Using Graph Theory.
(97-364) D. Zeps : The use of combinatorial maps in graph-topological computations
(97-365) D. Zeps : Graphs with rotations: Partial maps
(97-366) J. Nesetril: Moderni dskretni matematika II. ( in czech )
(97-367) J. Nesetril : Structure of graph homomorphisms I. PostScript
(97-368) J. Nesetril, D. Turzik : Solving and approximating combinatorial optimization problems ( toward MAX CUT and TSP ) PostScript
(97-369) J. Otta : The Dimension of Unicyclic Posets PostScript
(97-370) J. Otta : The Amalgamation of Diagrams and the Dimension PostScript
(97-371) P. Pancoska, V. Janota, J. Nesetril : Spectra, graphs and proteins. Towards understanding of protein folding
(97-372) R. Babilon ed. : Graphs'97, Problems