• KAM Series 1996

(96-310) J. Matousek : Improved upper bounds for approximation by zonotopes.
(96-311) J. Nesetril, P. Valtr : A Ramsey property of order types.
(96-312) P. Hlineny : $K_{4,4}-e$ has no finite planar cover.
(96-313) P. Erdos, J. Nesetril, V. Rodl : A remark on Pisier type theorems.
(96-314) J. Matousek, P. Valtr : On visibility and covering by convex sets.
(96-315) B. Korte, J. Nesetril : Vojtech Jarnik's work in combinatorial optimization.
(96-316) J. Nesetril, E. Sopena, L. Vignal : $T$-preserving homomorphisms of oriented graphs.
(96-317) I. Havel, J. Nesetril (eds.) : Miroslav Fiedler -- 70 let.
(96-318) T. Kaiser (ed.) : 10 years of KAM Series.
(96-319) I. Barany, P. Valtr : A positive fraction Erdos-Szekeres theorem.
(96-320) P. Erdos, J. Nesetril, V. Rodl : On colorings and independent sets (Pisier type theorems).
(96-321) A. V. Kostochka, J. Nesetril : Coloring relatives of intervals on the plane I: Chromatic number versus girth. PostScript
(96-322) J. Nesetril, X. Zhu : On bounded treewidth duality of graphs. PostScript
(96-323) M. Loebl ed. : Third annual DONET meeting. PostScript Source
(96-324) M. Klazar : Counting bad bracketings. PostScript Source
(96-325) H. Herrlich, A. Pultr : Nearness, subfinitness and sequential regularity. PostScript Source
(96-326) M. Klazar, V. Novak : A set partition identity via trees. PostScript Source
(96-327) D. Zeps : Graphs as rotations. PostScript Source
(96-328) J. Matousek : On constants for cuttings in the plane.
(96-329) J. Nesetril : Moderni diskretni matematika (in czech).
(96-330) J. Naceradsky, J. Nesetril : About a picture on a poster.
(96-331) M. Klazar : Kombinatoricke pocitani (in czech). PostScript Source
(96-332) I. Fabrici, S. Jendrol : Subgraphs with restricted degrees of their vertices in planar graphs.
(96-333) M. Hornak, S. Jendrol : On a conjecture by Plummer and Toft.
(96-334) W. Hochstattler, J. Nesetril : Linear programming duality and morphisms. PostScript
(96-335) M. Klazar : On trees and noncrossing partitions. PostScript Source
(96-336) O.V. Borodin, A.V. Kostochka, J. Nesetril, A. Raspaud : On the minimum average degree and the oriented chromatic number of graphs.
(96-337) F. Mraz : On infimum of optimal objective function values in interval linear programming. PostScript Source