MAPSP 2011, June 19 - 24, Nymburk, Czech Republic

10th Workshop on Models and Algorithms for Planning and Scheduling Problems

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The submitions are closed.

The EasyChair system is used for the abstract submission. Use the following link.

Abstracts of 2-3 pages must be submitted in the MAPSP format using this template, intended and tested for use with PDFLaTeX. For the submissions, .pdf files are accepted. Later for the abstract book we will require .tex files that compile in PDFLaTeX, so please if you are using pictures, take this into account.

MAPSP submissions undergo a selection process based on a light refereeing by the PC. MAPSP does not publish proceedings other than a conference booklet. Hence, presenting your paper at MAPSP will not prevent you from submitting it to journals or to other conferences. Similarly, it is acceptable to submit a paper that was presented at an earlier conference. Submissions by PC members are allowed.

Most talks will have 20 minutes. Some submissions will be selected for 30 minute plenary talks.