MAPSP 2011, June 19 - 24, Nymburk, Czech Republic

10th Workshop on Models and Algorithms for Planning and Scheduling Problems

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The workshop will take place in the sport center of Nymburk in the Czech Republic. See the local map with the exact location. Nymburk is a small town (about 85 thousand people) 50 km east of Prague. It has a frequent train connection to Prague (at least each hour), it is also easily accessible by a car. The closest airport is in Prague.


In the sport center, the swimming pool and the sauna will be available in the evenings, we plan to have some sport sessions in the lunch breaks, and it is also possible to rent a bike and make a nice trip along the river. So bring an appropriate wear if you plan to participate.


Czech Republic does not use Euro. The local currency is Czech Crown (CZK). It is easy to exchange currency at the airport or the train station (but be careful to use official places and ask about the rate in advance), the current exchange rate is approximately 1 EUR = 24 CZK, or 1 USD = 16.5 CZK. It is also possible to exchange money at the conference site or take out of the ATM machines.

Transportation to Nymburk

On Sunday, there will be a conference bus from Prague departing at 16:00 (4pm) from the bus stop in front of the hotel Diplomat near the subway station (the end station of line A, close to the airport).

Late arrivals

If you arrive later on Sunday, please mail us the train or plane arrival time and we will try to let you know about other people with similar arrival.

Early arrivals

If you arrive in the morning and plan to go to the city, there is a left luggage facility that you can use at the airport in Terminal 2 (Schengen flights). It is located in the departure area, according to the map it is sort of right of and behind the check-in counters. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of storing the luggage near the bus departure, so this is probably most convenient, even if it means a 20 minute bus ride to the airport. For public transport, you can also buy a ticket for 100 CZK valid for 24 hours.

Arrival by train

Prague has two train stations in the city center, both accessible by the subway, in about 10-15 minutes walking distance from each other. Praha hl.n. (hlavni nadrazi, meaning the main station) is number 1 on this map. It is at the stop Hlavni nadrazi of the subway line C. It is the long distance station and has fast trains to Nymburk (45 min ride). Praha Masarykovo nadrazi is number 2 on this map. It is at the stop Namesti republiky of the subway line A. It has a local train (56 min ride) to Nymburk every hour, more frequently on weekday peek hours.

Sunday afternoon departures:

Praha hl. n: 14:09, 15:09, 16:09, 17:09, 18:09, 19:09, 20:09, 22:09, 23:24 (local train)

Praha Masarykovo n: HH:54, last train at 21:54

The tickets cost 70 CZK and needs to be bought before boarding the train. For the local train, there are two stops in Nymburk, preferable is the main station Nymburk hl. n., which has a taxi stand; it is the second stop in Nymburk. (The first one is Nymburk mesto.) In Nymburk, take a taxi from the main train station to the sport center (a standard destination), the cost should be 150-200 CZK. See the local map with the route. The phone number of the taxi service is +420 602 235 678.

Arrival by plane

There is no direct connection from the airport to Nymburk. You need to get to the city and continue by train or the conference bus.

The preferred option to go to both train stations is a direct bus AE (airport express). It departs at HH:04 and HH:34 from Terminal 1 (non-European and other non-Schengen flight origins) and two minutes later from Terminal 2 (flights from Schengen countries). The cost is 50 CZK paid directly to the driver. The ride is about 40 minutes to Masarykovo nadrazi and 50 minutes to hlavni nadrazi. The bus has also stop at Dejvicka, where you would leave for the conference bus; then the price is 30 CZK.

It is also possible to go by public transport. For this you need to buy a ticket for 26 CZK in advance, stamp it on the bus; the ticket includes transfers. Take bus 119 to Dejvicka (last stop, also the conference bus deparure), or bus 100 to Zlicin (last stop as well) and continue by the subway.

A taxi ride to the city center should cost about 500 CZK. As a last option, one could take a taxi to Nymburk, the cost should be about 2500-3000 CZK depending on the traffic. (Quoted by AAA, which is the standard taxi operator with stands at the airport, they also have a kiosk in the terminal where you can order/inquire before going to the stand.)

Arrival by car

One needs to get to highway D11, take exit 35 or 39 and follow this map. If you zoom out the map, it shows also the best way to drive through Prague if you arrive from the west. Within Prague, following the signs to Hradec Kralove or Hradec Kr. will lead you to the correct highway.

Social event on Wednesday

We will have an excursion and a dinner in the city Kutná hora. The dinner will take place at the restaurant Stara Fara. See the printable map of the city center. The cathedral of St. Barbara, which is the start of the tour, is on the bottom left, the restaurant is on the top.

Visas to the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union and Schengen agreement zone. Visitors from some countries may need visa to enter the Czech Republic. The relevant informations can be found on the web pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. If you are not sure whether the visa necessity applies to you, please, contact the Czech emabssy or consulate in your country.

Czech consular authorities may ask you to enclose the confirmation of your accommodation as well as the health insurance for your stay in our country. If needed, we will issue an invitation letter to authors of accepted presentations and also to other participants known to us. Please take into account that visa are usually issued at the earliest 10 days after the application is submitted.