Vyuka / Teaching - Pavel Valtr (Summer Semester 23/24)

  • NDMI013 - Geometric Seminar/Geometricky seminar (with M. Balko and M. Saumell) - Tuesday 10:40 S11
  • NMIN331 - Zaklady kombinatoriky a teorie grafu
  • NDMI052 - Seminar on Combinatorial Problems/Problemovy seminar z kombinatoriky (with J. Kyncl) Wednesday 14:00, Mala Strana, second floor (at/in office 226, corridor behind the door opposite to S5)
  • NDMI041 - Seminar on Combinatorics for Advanced Students (with R. Samal) - Thursday 9:50-12:10, S6
  • Some other lectures and seminars at our department: https://www.mff.cuni.cz/en/kam/teaching-and-seminars/schedule-of-lectures

    Bc/Master Supervision / Vedeni diplomek a bakalarskych praci:

    [English below] Pokud hledate tema bakalarske prace nebo diplomky napr. z oblasti kombinatoriky nebo kombinatoricke a vypocetni geometrie, muzete mi napsat email ohledne konzultace moznych temat. V pripade publikovateleneho vyzkumu (vyreseni otevreneho problemu apod.) moznost zapojeni do grantu.
    English: If you look for a topic for a bachelor/master thesis in the area of combinatorial and computational geometry or in combinatorics, don't hesitate to write me an email and we may discuss possible topics suitable for you. Possible support from a grant in case of publishable results (solving an open problem etc.).