Vyuka / Teaching - Pavel Valtr (Winter Semester 21/22)

  • NDMI013 - Geometric seminar/Geometricky seminar - day and time not determined yet, write me an email if you are (or may be) interested in the seminar
  • NDMI052 - Seminar on Combinatorial Problems/Problemovy seminar z kombinatoriky (with J. Kratochvil and J. Kyncl) - Tuesday 16:00 (starts on Oct 12) on Mala Strana, second floor, office 226 or the space in front of it (behind the door opposite to S5)

    Vedeni diplomek a bakalarskych praci: Pokud hledate tema bakalarske prace nebo diplomky napr. z oblasti kombinatoriky nebo kombinatoricke a vypocetni geometrie, muzete mi napsat email ohledne konzultace moznych temat.