• KAM-DIMATIA Series 2011

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(2011-1004) Milan Hladik: Bounds on eigenvalues of complex interval matrices. PostScript (5464 kB) BibTeX
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(2011-1007) T.H.Marshal: Homomorphism Bounds for Oriented Planar Graphs of Given Minimum Girth. PostScript (319 kB) BibTeX
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(2011-1015) Martin Tancer: Intersection patterns of convex sets via simplicial complexes, a survey. PostScript (662 kB) BibTeX
(2011-1017) R. N. Ball and A. Pultr: Distributivity of the Normal Completion, and its Priestley Representation. PostScript (319 kB) BibTeX
(2011-1018) Zdenek Dvorak: Constant-factor approximation of domination number in sparse graphs. PostScript (107 kB) BibTeX