This is the tutorial session for the lecture Topological Methods in Combinatorics, NDMI014, taught by Martin Balko and Martin Tancer. The main objective of the tutorials is to gain intuition through solving exercises. There will be five homework sets which you will need to solve to earn points and pass the tutorials. We will have two types of sessions: working sessions and sessions where we will present the solution to the homework. For the working session we will give you an exercise sheet at the beginning and we will give you time to think the solutions. In the end you, or ourselves, may present the solution. The objective of the working session is to give you more tools and help you develop intuition to approach the problems from the homework set.

  • There will be 5 homework sets, to solve each of them you will have approximately 3 weeks.
  • One week before the deadline, there will be hints.
  • When hints for a problem set are published, its points are reduced to half.
  • Solutions will not be accepted after deadline.
  • The deadline is always before the beginning of the tutorial.
  • You will need one quarter of the total number of points and solve correctly at least one exercise from each problem set to get the tutorial credit.

A word on submitting solutions:

  • With Michael we have split the problem sets. I will be in charge of problem sets #1 and #2, and Michael will be in charge of problem sets #3, #4 and #5.
  • You can submit your solutions and questions by email. For Michael, send them to skotnica at For mine, send them to dbulavka+tm at
  • Make sure to submit your solutions in PDF format.


Date Plan
18.02.2022 No tutorial.
25.02.2022 We will have tutorial.Classwork 1.Homework 1.
04.03.2022 No Tutorial.
11.03.2022 No Tutorial. Hints homework 1.
18.03.2022 We will have tutorial. Deadline homework 1. Homework 2.
25.03.2022 We will have tutorial. Classwork 2.
01.04.2022 No tutorial. Hints homework 2.
08.04.2022 We will have tutorial. Deadline homework 2.Homework 3.Classwork 3.
15.04.2022 Holidays.
22.04.2022 We will have tutorial.Hints homework 3.Homework 4.
29.04.2022 We will have tutorial. Deadline homework 3.
06.05.2022 Hints homework 4.
13.05.2022 We will have tutorial.Homework 5.Classwork 5.
27.05.2022 Hints homework 5.

Homework results:

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