Prague Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop II

July 24-30, 1994

The second Midsummer Workshop was organized exactly a year after the first one. We were happy to have Paul Erdos again among us. Many more graduate students (both from Charles University and from abroad) took part in the event, what we see as one of the benefits of the workshop.

No advanterous stories about street crime in Prague this year. However, the immigration officers were again on alert. The wife of one of the French participants was refused the entry into Czech Republic and she had to return from the Prague airport back to France, because of her passport, which was to expire within 3 months after the workshop.

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List of participants:

David Alberts (Berlin), Stephan Brandt (Enschede), Petr Cizek (Prague), Walter Deuber (Bielefeld), Paul Erdos (everywhere), Hubert de Fraysseix (Paris), Barry Guiduli Budapest), Ervin Gyori (Budapest), Petr Hlineny (Prague), Karin Hothker (Aachen), Regina Klimmek (Berlin), Jan Kratochvil (Prague), Uwe Leck (Berlin), Tomasz Luczak (Poznan), Jiri Matousek (Prague), Hajk Maschurjan (Berlin), Tsuyoshi Matsumoto (Paris), Mirka Miller (Newcastle), Jaroslav Nesetril (Prague), Jiri Otta (Prague), Andre Raspaud (Bordeaux), Moshe Rosenfeld (Seattle), Jakub Solc (Prague), Eric Sopena (Bordeaux), Lubos Thoma (Atlanta), Pavel Valtr (Prague), Xuding Zhu (Bielefeld).

February 7, 1996 [ Prague Midsummer Combinatorial Workshops] [ Department of Applied Mathematics] [Charles University]