Prague Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop I

July 25-30, 1993

The first workshop was organized (by coincidence) the first summer after the splitting of Czechoslovakia. Though no official program was prepared and announced ahead, the schedule was busy with an ongoing problem session in the mornings and with informal discussions in the afternoons. The informal atmosphere of the first meeting started the tradition of Prague Midsummer Workshops.

Both immigration officers and street criminals of our newly formed country, Czech Republic, wanted to show the final declination from socialistic past of the country and a strong will to merge into the Western Europe. We had great difficulties in getting one of the participants with a passport issued in the People's Republic of China into the country, and several participants got pick-pocketted in the Prague subway.

We regret that the miniproccedings of this workshop are not available in the electronic form. However, the workshop photo is available.

List of participants:

Graham R. Brightwell (London), Richard A. Duke (Atlanta), Paul Erdos (everywhere), Hubert de Fraysseix (Paris), Ivan Havel (Prague), Jing Huang (Odense), Hal Kierstead (ASU Tempe), Martin Klazar (Prague), Jan Kratochvil (Prague), Fero Matus (Prague), Mirka Miller (Newcastle), Jarik Nesetril (Prague), Jiri Otta (Prague), Vojta Rodl (Atlanta), Endre Szemeredi (Rutgers), Carsten Thomassen (Lyngby), N. Tokushige (Higashimita), William T. Trotter (Bellcore), Pavel Valtr (Prague), Peter Winkler (Bellcore), Xuding Zhu (Simon Fraser).

February 7, 1996 [ Prague Midsummer Combinatorial Workshops] [ Department of Applied Mathematics] [Charles University]