Eurogiga Midterm Conference

Prague July 9-13, 2012



Sunday, July 8, 2012

19:00 Welcome Party - Beer Pub if Malostranska Beseda, Malostranske namesti 22, across the tram tracks from the conference site

Monday, July 9, 2012

09:00 Registration and informal discussions

12:30 Lunch

13:50 Official Opening
14:00 Invited Talk I
Csaba D. Toth (Calgary): Convex partitions and subdivisions for finite point sets
15:00 Invited Talk II
Leah Berman (Fairbanks): Open problems about configurations of points and lines
16:00 Coffee Break
16:30 Problem Session

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

09:00 Günter Rote (Berlin): The collaborative research project VORONOI: Spacial decompositions and graphs
09:15 Evanthia Papadopoulou (Lugano): On the farthest (and higher order) line segment Voronoi diagram
09:40 Gernot Walzl (Graz): Straight Skeletons of Polyhedra -- An Implementation
10:05 Birgit Strodthoff (Linz): Computation of Reeb graphs on 3D-manifolds from a boundary representation
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Rafel Jaume (Berlin): Recursive regularity
11:25 Cecilia Bohler (Berlin): Abstract Voronoi diagrams with disconnected regions
11:50 Panos Cheilaris (Lugano): The Hausdorff Voronoi diagram -- recent advances
12:15 Gabriela Majewska (Warsaw): Spectrum of the lune-based beta-skeletons

12:30 Lunch

GreGAS Session
14:00 Tomaž Pisanski (Ljubljana): The CRP GREGAS
14:15 Sergio Cabello (Ljubljana): The CLIQUE problem in ray intersection graphs
14:45 Martin Škoviera (Bratislava): Regular maps with nilpotent automorphism groups
15:15 Coffee Break
15:40 Tomaž Pisanski (Ljubljana): Rotational representations of polycirculants and related questions
16:00 Ivona Puljic (Osijek): Contribution of Croatian Individual Project
16:20 Snjezana Majstorovic(Osijek): Domination on m-ary chain cacti
16:40 Lydia Ostermeier (Leipzig): Square property and equitable partitions
17:00 Discussions

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

GraDR Session
09:00 Jan Kratochvil (Prague): The CRP GraDR
09:10 Bartek Walczak (Krakow): Outerplanar slope WP01
09:30 Alex Wolff (Wurzburg): Approximating Minimum Manhattan Networks in Higher Dimensions WP02
09:50 Ignaz Rutter (Karlsruhe): Simultaneous embeddings WP03
10:10 Carsten Gutwenger (Dortmund): Planarization methods WP04
10:30 Coffee Break
10:50 Giuseppe Di Battista (Rome): Clustered planarity WP05
11:10 Stefan Felsner (Berlin): Cartograms and contact representations WP07
11:40 Pavel Klavik (Prague): Partial intersection representation extension WP10
12:00 Vit Jelinek (Prague): Bends WP10

12:30 Lunch

CompoSe Session
14:00 Oswin Aichholzer (Graz): The CRP ComPoSe
14:15 Rodrigo I. Silveira (Barcelona): Bichromatic 2-center of pairs of points
14:40 Thomas Hackl (Graz): Empty monochromatic Simplices
15:20 Coffee Break
15:45 Günter Rote (Berlin): About new developments for coloring points for topless rectangles
16:10 Andrei Asinowski (Berlin): Counting of Polycubes
16:35 Domotor Palvolgyi/Balazs Keszegh (Budapest): Decomposition of multiple coverings by homothetic triangles into several parts
17:00 Discussions

Thursday, July 12, 2012

09:00 Invited Talk III
Jonathan Shewchuk (Berkeley): Weighted Delaunay Triangulations and Restricted Delaunay Triangulations in Guaranteed-Quality Mesh Generation
10:00 Invited Talk IV
David Eppstein (Irvine): Circle packings, hyperbolic Voronoi diagrams, Lombardi drawings, and soap bubbles
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Discussions

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Guided Tour "Praga Matematica"
19:00 Conference Banquet

Friday, July 13, 2012

09:00 Wrap-up session, contributing talks, problem solutions and more

12:30 Lunch and end of the conference
April 26, 2012 Jan Kratochvil