The 2nd Elbe Sandstones Geometry Workshop

Rynartice, Czech Republic, August 3-9, 2014

Travel information

List of Participants

List of Talks (newly contains slides)

Photos by Viola Meszáros

You may also consider participation at the Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop, July 28 - August 1 in Prague.

Link to the first workshop in 2001.


Martin Tancer (general questions): tancer@kam

Martin Balko (travelling related issues with CC to Martin T.): balko@kam

@kam stands for (at)kam(dot)mff(dot)cuni(dot)cz

Organizers: Martin Balko, Imre Bárány, Jiří Matoušek, Martin Tancer, and Pavel Valtr

(Picture by Huhulenik; see this page for the copyright.)