Daily Schedule

Breakfast 8:00
Talk 1 9:00-10:30
Talk 2 10:45-12:15
Lunch 12:30
Dinner 18:00
Talk 3 19:00-20:30
Talk 4 20:30-21:15

Definite Schedule of Talks

Saturday 14. Arrival Roman Glebov – Turán Graphs and the Number of Coloring
Sunday 15. Tereza Klimošová – Parametrized Complexity of Some Fundamental Problems in Coding Markus Dregi – Co-nondeterminism in compositions: A kernelization lower bound for a Ramsey-type Remy Belmonte – Contraction obstructions for treewidth
Monday 16. Tomáš Masařík – Optimisation Series, part 2 Dušan Knop – Optimisation Series, part 3 Martin Koutecký – Optimisation Series, part 1
Tuesday 17. Reza Saeidinvar – Packing Cycles through Prescribed Vertices Barbora Candrákova – Asymptotics of the chromatic number for quasi-line graphs Jarett Schwarz – On a problem of Erdos and Rothschild on edges in triangles
Wednesday 18. Tripping day Jan Volec – The phase transition in random graphs - a simple proof Matěj Klusáček – Minimum k-way cut of bounded size is fixed-parameter tractable
Thursday 19. Pavel Paták – Infinite Series, part 2 Ján Mazák – Infinite Series, part 1 Martin Bőhm – Infinite Series, part 3
Friday 20. Michal Hanzlík – Planarity Testing Revisited Jaroslav Hančl – Dot Product Representations of Planar Graphs Tomáš Gavenčiak – Approximate Tree Decompositions of Planar Graphs in Linear Time Tomáš Vyskočil – Tree-isomorphism Problem in Logspace
Saturday 21. Pavel Klavík – Szemerédi's Regularity Lemma for matrices and sparse grap Lukáš Mach – On the logarithimic calculus and Sidorenko's conjecture Robert Lukotka – Bound for the number of vertices of a polytope with applications Marek Krčál – Algebraic Topology – A Crash-Course For Lawyers
Sunday 22. Vojta Tůma – Directed Nowhere Dense Classes of Graphs Departure