Papers marked with (*) may be easier to understand and thus recommended for undergraduates.

Some of the items are linked to an internet version of the paper. Note that this is usually a preprint and thus may contain more errors.

Applications of Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem in combinatorics (2 speakers, reserved)

based on an article by Matousek.

Packing paths in graphs

should cover the following papers
(*) Schrijver: A short proof of Mader's S-path Theorem (reserved: Jan Volec)
Chudnovsky, Gerards, Geelen, Goddyn, Lohman, Seymour: Packing non-zero A-paths in group-labelled graphs
Pap: Packing anon-returning A-path

Erdos-Posa property (all papers reserved)

Kawarabayashi, Nakamoto: The Erdos-Posa property for vertex- and edge-disjoint odd cycles in graphs on orientable surfaces
Fiorini, Hardy, Reed, Vetta: Approximate Min-Max Relations for Odd Cycles in Planar Graphs
Birmele, Bondy, Reed: The Erdos-Posa property for long circuits

Coloring graphs

King, Reed, Vetta: An upper bound for the chromatic number of line graphs (reserved: Jan Ekstein)
(*) Kawarabayashi, Mohar: A relaxed Hadwiger's Conjecture for list colorings(reserved: Tomas Valla)
(*) Norine: On two questions about circular choosability (only the first part) (reserved: Jan Bulanek)
(*) Fleischer, Stiebitz: A solution to a coloring problem of P. Erdos (reserved: Grosu Codrut)

Packing graphs

Yuster: Integer and fractional packing of families of graphs (reserved: Jan Hladky, Petr Skovron)
Yuster: Asymptotically optimal K_k-packings of dense graphs via fractional K_k-decompositions (reserved: Jan Hladky, Petr Skovron)

Totally miscellaneous

Ailon, Chazelle, Comandur, Liu: Estimating the Distance to a Monotone Function
(*) Coja-Oghlan, Frieze: Random k-SAT: the limiting probability for satisfability for moderately growing k
(*) Matet: Shelah's proof of the Hales-Jewett theorem revisited
(*) Maehara: The problem of thirteen spheres:a proof for undergraduates
(*) Kowalik: Adjacency queries in dynamic sparse graphs (reserved: Petr Skoda)
Chudnovsky, Seymour: The roots of the independence polynomial of a clawfree graph (reserved: Khikmat Saburov)
(*) Haxell, Seamone, Verstraete: Independent Dominating Sets and Hamiltonian Cycles (reserved: Ondrej Suchy)
(*) Kuhn, Osthus: Every graph of sufficiently large average degree contains a C4-free graph of large average degree
(*) Mubayi: Erdos-Ko-Rado for three sets (reserved: Katerina Bohmova)
Gyarfas, Rucsinko, Sarkozy, Szemeredi: Tripartite Ramsey Numbers for Paths(reserved: Ondrej Bilka)
(*) Patel: Cutting Two Graphs Simultaneously
(*) Kuhn, Osthus: Maximizing several cuts simultaneously (reserved: Lukas Mach)