The talks

There is a lot of fun during the talks. Sp. stands for Speaker and Aud. for the audience. Enjoy the talks.

Sp.: I don't know why it works, I don't know why it wouldn't work.

A reply of a speaker after a question from audience:
Sp.: It is not necessary to follow the talk.
Aud.: But I would like to follow the talk.

Conversation after the chairman wanted to break the discussion after the talk:
Aud.: Mr. Chairman wants a break.
Sp.: That is not the point.

Sp.: I don't want to make it hard, I want you to understand.

Sp.: You can always choose what you are going to prove.

Sp.: It will be the variation.
Aud.: Of what?
Sp.: Of a random variable.
Aud.: Of which?
Sp.: Of a very dirty one.
Aud.: Now, it's clear.

Sp.: I hope it's seeable at least from the first desk.

Sp.: It is a sort of important to write correct variables and ranges in the sum.

Sp.: There is a little problem - oh - yes, it works!

Aud.: Can you explain what it is?
Sp.: What is this?
Aud.: Yes, what is it and why does it hold?

Sp.: Later, we will use y's for yolks and x's for eggs.

Sp.: Belive it if you don't understand.

Sp.: Is there anything clear so far?

Aud.: I don't understand - N is an inclusion-wise maximal subset - is it maximal with respect to inclusion? Oh, I now understand.

Sp.: They are drawn near but they are far.