Transportation to Spring School 2006

The headquarters will (and most of the accomodation) be at pension at pension Kavalier on the opposite side to the bus stop at Borova Lada. Some other accomodation will be at townhall.

Connections from Prague to Borova Lada

On Tuesday April 18

There will be a special bus on Tuesday April 18 from Prague to Borova Lada. It will go from Kolej 17. Listopadu at 9:00 AM. Map of the place

On workdays:

8:10Praha, Na Knizeci11:20VimperkBUS
12:00Vimperk12:36Borova LadaBUS


14:45Praha, Na Knizeci17:00VimperkBUS
17:15Vimperk17:51Borova LadaBUS

Connections from Borova Lada to Prague

On Friday April 28

There will be a special bus on Friday April 28 from Borova Lada to Prague. The bus will leave Borova Lada at 13:00.

On workdays:

8:31Borova Lada9:10VimperkBUS
9:42Volyne11:35Praha, SmichovBUS


13:06Borova Lada13:45VimperkBUS
14:57Tesovice17:20Praha, Smichovske nadraziBUS


15:55Borova Lada16:25VimperkBUS
16:40Vimperk19:40Praha, SmichovBUS

If you want to find connection on your own you can use a Czech server for connections in Czech Republic.