Program of Talks at Spring School 2005

On graphs with small Ramsey numbers
Petr Škovroň
Graphs with large max. degree containing no odd cycles of a given length
Josef Cibulka
Parametrized set splitting, improved running times and kernels
Christian Sloper
Intersecting families of permutations
Ondřej Suchý
Colored Prüfer codes for k-edge colored trees
Alexandr Kazda
Theory of light graphs
Milan Tuharský
Excentric graphs
Ondřej Rucký
High-girth cubic graphs
Robert Šámal
Online machine covering
Tomáš Ebenlendr
Graph recurrence
Ondřej Plašil
Graph closures
Přemysl Holub
Asymetric graph coloring games
Bernard Lidický
Lattice approximation and linear discrepancy in totally unimodular matrices
Marek Sulovský
The fractional chromatic number of graphs of max. degree at most three
Petr Škoda
On the computational complexity of optimal sorting network verification
Jiří Fink
Augmentation problems
Petr Kučera
Expander graphs I. - Introduction
Eva Ondráčková
Monochromatic triangles in two-colored plane
Vít Jelínek
Expander graphs II. - Applications
Vojtěch Kulvait
Expander graphs III. - The zig-zag construction
Ondřej Zajíček
Hall's theorem for hypergraphs
Marek Krčál
A tree version of König's theorem for hypergraphs
Jan Hladký
Beautiful proofs of geometric theorems
Jakub Černý
Sixteen miniatures
Tomáš Gavenčiak
Acyclic choosability of graphs with small maximum degree
Martin Pergel
Fractal sequences and restricted nim
Rudolf Stolař
Edge partition of planar graphs into two outerplanar graphs
Tomáš Vyskočil
Expender application: optimal sorting networks
Tomáš Valla
The Loebl conjecture
Diana Piguet
3-coloring sparse 3-colorable graphs in polynomial expected time
Julia Böttcher
On the complexity of the balanced vertex ordering problem
Jan Kára
The partial order of graphs and homomorphisms
Jan Foniok
Extracting randomness using few independent sources
Aleš Přívětivý
Martin Cetkovský