Program of Talks at Spring School 2004

The lonely runner problem and nowhere zero flows
Jordi Moragas
List group coloring is \Pi_2^P - complete.
Pavel Nejedlý
Crown reductions in 4 graph problems
Christian Sloper
The graph reconstruction problem
Taral Guldahl Seierstad
The chromatic number of the product of two graphs is at least ...
Veronika Douchová
On a theorem of Jordan
Jan Foniok
A source location problem
Mihály Bárász
Polynomial time recognition of P_4-structure
Zdeněk Dvořák
Faster shortest-path algorithms for planar graphs
Eva Ondráčková
Identities in groups
Gábor Horváth
Essential covers of the cube by hyperplanes
Peter Bella
Extensions of partially defined boolean functions
David Kronus
Packing cycles in classes of perfect graphs
Jan Kára
Maximum renamable Horn sub-CNFs
Petr Kučera
3-coloring graphs without long induced paths in polynomial time
Julia Böttcher
A vertex incremental approach to dynamically maintaining chordal graphs
Yngve Villanger
All trapezoids are Ramsey
Martin Tancer
Note on Ramsey-type problem in geometry
Michal Zerola,
Marek Sulovský
The blind bartender's problem
Tomáš Vyskočil
Stability and instability in discrete tomography
Josef Cibulka
Bits of trees & trees of bits
Martin Mareš
A result about the density of iterated intersections in the plane
Rudolf Stolař
Graphs of polytopes
Jakub Černý
Various approaches for the numbers of labelled planar graphs
Mike Löffler
On the fundamental group of posets
Gábor Kun
A plurality ball game
Tomáš Valla
A simple linear-time lexBFS cograph recognition algorithm
Martin Pergel
Two-walks and spanning trees
Jakub Teska
Some sufficient conditions for a graph to be in class 1
Jiří Fink
The Erdös-Turán property for class of bases
Diana Piguet
Random regular graphs
Robert Šámal
Halin's theorem for the Möbius strip
Ida Švejdarová
Daniel Gonçalves
On the graph of generating sets of simple groups
Martin Bálek
Aperiodic tilings
Robert Babilon