Spring School on Combinatorics 2002

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The Spring School on Combinatorics was held in Vysoká Lípa, Czech Republic, from April 15 to April 20. 32 students and professors from 5 universities of 3 different countries participated.

One of the participants from abroad came to Czech Republic before the begining of Spring School. He was accomodated in a dormitory in Prague and visited the historical centre of Prague. There were arranged special busses for Spring School participants on April 15 from Prague to Vysoká Lípa and on April 20 from Vysoká Lípa to Prague.

Students participating in Spring School were assigned some paper. As some papers were quite large, some students formed a groups which presented one paper together. Each of the students prepared a talk of length of about 90 minutes. There were prepared also two special talks during Spring School. First one was held by Tomáš Kaiser who talked about "2-factors in planar graphs " and the second one held by Přemysl Holub was about "Hamiltonian index and local connectivity". Several interesting open problems were presented during two open problem sessions.

Participants enjoyed wonderful nature of Česko-saské Švýcarsko. They made a lot of trips to the surrounding sights (rock castle Šaunštejn, Pravčická brána or Divoká soutěska) both on foot and on bicycle. Some more advantageous participants also climbed on a few rocks. Besides walking, biking or climing participants also played guitar and sang songs. Also playing table tennis was quite popular even though there was no appropriate table.

On the last day a few students and professors made a bigger trip and other participants went to an orienteering run in a nearby village.

Spring School 2002 was full of fun; all the participants met new friends and also learnt some new knowledge. The participants left Spring School after its end looking forward the next year Spring School.