Spring School on Combinatorics 2000 - List of the Talks

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DayMorning sessionEvening session
May 18, Thursday Jana Maxova: Lovasz' Theorem Tomas Tichy: The Ising Problem (1)
Petr Skovron: Random Walks Vlastimil Janda: The Ising Problem (2)
May 19, Friday Jan Foniok: Categories and Concretness Patricia Rexova: Ramsey Nubers
Sergi Elizalde: The Dualities (Edge Cuts and Eulerian Subgraphs) Giordano Fusco: Linearity of Expectation
Jan Vondrak: The Second Moment
May 20, Saturday David Stanovsky: Representations Jan Kara: Strong Concentration around the Expectation
Jakub Cerny: Theta Function Jens Gramm: Parametrized Complexity
May 22, Monday Petra Smolikova: Density and Extendibility Valere Dussaux: Introduction to Discharging Technique
Robert Samal: Introduction to Incidence Problem Pavel Podbrdsky: Planar Covers
Martin Pergel: Paradoxes of Complexity
May 23, Tueday Petr Kucera: Set Covers
Robert Babilon: Proofs via Crossing Number
Helena Nyklova: Cutting Lemma
May 24, Wednesday Diana Piguetova: Duality and Gaps Jakub Simek:Concentration of the Chromatic Number
Daniel Johannsen: Randomized Rounding Daniel Kral: Martingales
May 25, Thursday Jiri Fiala: On-line Representation of Posets Dirk Schlatter: 3D Dimer Problem
Roman Cada: Four Colour Theorem Bodo Lass: Permanent and Binary Codes
May 26, Friday Tomas Chudlarsky: Sparse Graphs with Given Homomorphisms Jan Gutvirth: Cycles in Digraphs
Martin Mares: Vertex Feedback Set Ondrej Pangrac: Cycles in Graphs and Robbins' Theorem