Short CV

I was born in Decin (Děčín, Tetschen) in the north-west of Czechoslovakia in 1966.  Until my 18 we lived in Louny and since my studies on Charles University (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, 1984-89) I live mostly in Prague. After an  army intermezzo in 1989/90  (9 months) I entered the graduate program in mathematics on Charles University in 1991 and got Ph.D. in 1995 under supervision of J. Nesetril.

In 1994 I spent one year in the US as a teaching assistant in Arizona State University (Tempe). In 1997/98 I visited for one year Forschungsinstitut für Diskrete Mathematik in Bonn (Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung fellowship).

From 1995 I am employed in KAM (Katedra aplikované matematiky, Department of Applied Mathematics) on my alma mater, first  as an assistant professor (odborný asistent) and since 2004 as an associate professor (docent). Since 2000 I work also in  ITI (Institut teoretické informatiky, Institute for Theoretical Computer Science).

August 2004