• KAM-DIMATIA Series 2004

(2004-654) D. Kral' and R. Skrekovski : The Last Excluded Case of Dirac's Map-Color Theorem for Choosability. PostScript
(2004-655) J. Fiala and V. B. Le: The Subchromatic Index of Graphs. PostScript
(2004-656) J. Nesetril and P. Ossona de Mendez: Tree depth, subgraph coloring and homomorphism bounds. PostScript
(2004-657) M. Blaser, B. Manthey and J. Sgall : An Improved Approximation Algorithm for the Asymmetric TSP with Strengthened Triangle Inequality. PostScript
(2004-658) M. Chrobak, W. Jawor, J. Sgall and T. Tichy : Improved Online Algorithms for Buffer Management in QoS Switches. PostScript
(2004-659) M. Chrobak, W. Jawor, J. Sgall and T. Tichy : Online Scheduling of Equal-Length Jobs: Randomization and Restarts Help. PostScript
(2004-660) Z. Dvorak and V. Jelinek : On the Complexity of the G-Reconstruction Problem. PostScript
(2004-661) Z. Dvorak, D. Kral' and O. Pangrac: Locally consistent constraint satisfaction problems. PostScript
(2004-662) A. Bagchi, A. Chaudhary, P. Kolman and J. Sgall: A Simple Combinatorial Proof of Duality of Multiroute Flows and Cuts. PostScript
(2004-663) Z. Dvorak : Two-factors in Oriented Graphs with Forbidden Transitions. PostScript
(2004-664) V. Jungic, J. Nesetril and R. Radoicic : Rainbow Ramsey Theory. PostScript
(2004-665) A. Bagchi, A. Chaudhary and P. Kolman : Short Length Menger's Theorem and Reliable Optical Routing. PostScript
(2004-666) J. Nesetril and Y. Nigussie : Minimal Universal and Dense Minor Closed Classes. PostScript
(2004-667) R. Naserasr and Y. Nigussie : On the new reformulation of Hadwiger's conjecture. PostScript
(2004-668) B. Banaschewski, E. Giuli and A. Pultr: Epimorphisms of Uniform Frames. PostScript
(2004-669) Z. Dvorak : Eulerian tours in graphs with forbidden transitions and bounded degree. PostScript
(2004-670) G. Toth and P. Valtr: The Erdos-Szekeres theorem: upper bounds and related results. PostScript
(2004-671) P. Valtr: Open caps and cups in planar point sets . PostScript
(2004-672) J. Nesetril, J. Solymosi and P. Valtr: A Ramsey property of planar graphs. PostScript
(2004-673) K. J. Swanepoel and Pavel Valtr: The unit distance problem on spheres. PostScript
(2004-674) I. Barany and P. Valtr: Planar point sets with a small number of empty convex polygons. PostScript
(2004-675) J. Hubicka and J. Nesetril : Finite Presentation of Homogeneous Graphs, Posets and Ramsey Classes. PostScript
(2004-676) D. Kral' and O. Pangrac: An Asymptotically Optimal Linear-Time Algorithm for Locally Consistent Constraint Satisfaction Problems. PostScript
(2004-677) J. Nesetril : Metric Spaces are Ramsey. PostScript
(2004-678) R. N. Ball, A. Pultr and J. Sichler: Combinatorial trees in Priestley spaces. PostScript
(2004-679) D. Kral': Polynomial-size binary decision diagrams for the Exactly half-d-hyperclique problem reading each input bit twice. PostScript
(2004-680) B. Grunbaum, T. Kaiser, D. Kral' and M. Rosenfeld: Equipartite polytopes and graphs. PostScript
(2004-681) V. Jungic: On Brown's Conjecture on Accessible Sets. PostScript
(2004-682) M. Balek, ed.: X. Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop. PostScript
(2004-683) Z. Dvorak, R. Skrekovski and T. Valla: Four Gravity Results. PostScript
(2004-684) M. Janata and J. Szabo : Generalized star packing problems I.. PostScript
(2004-685) T. Feder, P. Hell, D. Kral' and J. Sgall : Two Algorithms for General List Matrix Partitions. PostScript
(2004-686) M. Mares, ed.: IX. Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop. PostScript
(2004-687) M. Chrobak, P. Kolman and J. Sgall : The Greedy Algorithm for the Minimum Common String Partition Problem. PostScript
(2004-688) G. J. Woeginger and J. Sgall : On the Complexity of Cake Cutting. PostScript
(2004-689) D. Kral' and L. Stacho : Hamiltonian threshold for strong products of graphs. PostScript
(2004-690) A. Goldstein, P. Kolman and J. Zheng : Minimum Common String Partition Problem: Hardness and Approximations. PostScript
(2004-691) T. Kaiser, D. Kral', R. Skrekovski and X. Zhu : The circular chromatic index of graphs of high girth . PostScript
(2004-692) E. Ondrackova, T. Valla (eds.): Spring School on Combinatorics 2004 Abstracts of Talks. PostScript
(2004-693) Z. Dvorak, V. Jelinek, D. Kral', J. Kyncl and M. Saks Three Optimal Algorithms for Balls of Three Colors. PostScript
(2004-694) J. Kyncl, J. Pach and G. Toth: Long Alternating Paths in Bicolored Point Sets. PostScript
(2004-695) J. Sima and J. Sgall : On the Non-Learnability of a Single Spiking Neuron. PostScript
(2004-696) P. Kolman : Linear Time Approximation Algorithm for Sorting by Reversals with Bounded Number of Duplicates. PostScript
(2004-697) J. Fiala, P. A. Golovach and J. Kratochvil: Elegant distance constrained labelings of trees. PostScript
(2004-698) J. J. Montellano-Ballesteros, A. Por and R. Strausz: Tverberg-type theorems for separoids. PostScript
(2004-699) D. Zeps: Free Planar Graphs on Torus: examining triconnected graphs for unbounded augmentability. PostScript
(2004-700) T. Kaiser and R. Skrekovski : Cycles intersecting edge-cuts of prescribed sizes. PostScript
(2004-701) R. Babilon, V. Jelinek, D. Kral' and P. Valtr : Labelings of graphs with fixed and variable edge-weights. PostScript
(2004-702) D. Kral': Channel assignment problem with variable weights. PostScript
(2004-703) R. N. Ball, A. Pultr and J. Sichler: The Mysterious 2-Crown. PostScript
(2004-704) M. Balek and J. Nesetril: Towards Mathematical Aesthetics. PostScript
(2004-705) J. Nesetril and R. Strausz: Universality of Separoids. PostScript
(2004-706) P. Nejedly: Choosability of Graphs with Infinite Sets of Forbidden Differences. PostScript
(2004-707) W. Krauth and M. Loebl: Jamming and geometric representation of graphs. PostScript
(2004-708) M. Janata, M. Loebl and J. Szabo: The Edmonds-Gallai Decomposition for the k-Piece Packing Problem. PostScript
(2004-709) R. A. Brualdi, M. Loebl and O. Pangrac: Perfect Matching Preservers. PostScript
(2004-710) M. Balek and R. Samal (eds.): Abstracts of KAM-DIMATIA Series Year 2002. PostScript
(2004-711) M. Balek and R. Samal (eds.): Abstracts of KAM-DIMATIA Series Year 2003 . PostScript
(2004-712) R. Samal and J. Nesetril: Tension continuous maps - their structure and application. PostScript
(2004-713) J. Kara, A. Por and D. R. Wood: On the Chromatic Number of the Visibility Graph of a Set of Points in the Plane. PostScript
(2004-714) J. Nesetril and C. Tardif: Short answers to exponentially long questions: Extremal aspects of homomorphism duality. PostScript
(2004-715) D. R. Wood: Drawing a Graph in a Hypercube. PostScript
(2004-716) D. R. Wood: Vertex Partitions of Chordal Graphs. PostScript
(2004-717) J. Nesetril and Y. Nigussie : Density of Universal classes in G/K_4. PostScript
(2004-718) Z. Dvorak and R. Skrekovski : A Theorem About a Contractible and Light Edge. PostScript
(2004-719) M. Balek and R. Samal (eds.): Abstracts of KAM-DIMATIA Series Year 2004 . PostScript