• KAM-DIMATIA Series 2002

(2002-545) D. Kral': On Maximum Face--Constrained Coloring of Plane Graphs of Girth at least 5. PostScript
(2002-546) M. Loebl, J. Nesetril, and B. Reed: A Note on Random Homomorphism from Arbitrary Graphs to $Z$. PostScript
(2002-547) D. Kral' : A Counter--Example to Voloshin's Hypergraph Co--perfectness Conjecture. PostScript
(2002-548) Z. Dvorak, J. Kara, D. Kral', and O. Pangrac: On Pattern Coloring of Cycle Systems. PostScript
(2002-549) D. Kral', J. Kratochvil, A. Proskurowski, and H.-J. Voss: Mixed Hypertrees. PostScript
(2002-550) M. Mares: Two Linear Time Algorithms for MST on Minor Closed Graph Classes. PostScript
(2002-551) R. Samal: Antisymmetric Flows and Strong Oriented Coloring of Planar Graphs. PostScript
(2002-552) T. Erlebach, and J. Fiala: On-line Coloring of Geometric Intersection Graphs. PostScript
(2002-553) E. Specker: Postmoderni matematika: Rozlouceni s rajem? Logika aneb umeni programovani. PostScript
(2002-554) S. Garoufalidis, and M. Loebl: Random Walks and the Colored Jones Function. PostScript
(2002-555) B. Eckmann: Vzpominky na Heinze Hopfa (Proslov predneseny 4.12.2001 u prilezitosti Hopfovy prednasky). PostScript
(2002-556) J. Fiala, K. Jansen, V.B. Le, and E. Seidel: Graph Subcolorings: Complexity and Algorithms. PostScript
(2002-557) J. Fiala, P. Heggernes, P. Kristiansen, and J.A. Telle: Generalized H-coloring and H-covering of Trees. PostScript
(2002-558) P. Potocnik and R. Skrekovski: Nowhere-zero 3-flows in Cayley graphs of Abelian groups. PostScript
(2002-559) D. Kral' and H.-J. Voss: Edge--Disjoint Odd Cycles in Planar Graphs. PostScript
(2002-560) J. Diaz, J. Nesetril, M. Serna, D. M. Thilikos: H-colorings of Large Degree Graphs. PostScript
(2002-561) P. Smolikova, ed.: Eight Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop. PostScript
(2002-562) J. Kara and D. Kral': Optimal Free Binary Decision Diagrams for Computation of $EAR_n$. PostScript
(2002-563) D. Kral', V. Majerech, J. Sgall, T. Tichy, and G. Woeginger: It is tough to be a plumber. PostScript
(2002-564) J. Matousek, ed.: Workshop on Discrete Metric Spaces and their Algorithmic Applications. PostScript
(2002-565) J. J. Montellano-Ballesteros, R. Strausz: A characterization of cocircuit graphs of uniform oriented matroids. PostScript
(2002-566) J. Bracho, R. Strausz: Separoids and characterization of linear uniform oriented matroids. PostScript
(2002-567) M. DeVos, J. Nesetril, and A. Raspaud: On flow and tension-continuous maps. PostScript
(2002-568) H. Broersma, F.V. Fomin, J. Nesetril, and G.J. Woeginger: More about subcolorings. PostScript
(2002-569) D. Kral': An Exact Algorithm for the Channel Assignment Problem. PostScript
(2002-570) A. Bagchi, A. Chaudhary, C. Scheideler, and P. Kolman: Algorithms for Fault-Tolerant Routing in Circuit Switched Networks. PostScript
(2002-571) B. Banaschewski, A. Pultr: A constructive view of complete regularity. PostScript
(2002-572) D. Kral', T. Madaras, and R. Skrekovski: Cyclic, Diagonal and Facial Colorings. PostScript
(2002-573) J. Fiala, J. Kratochvil, and A. Proskurowski: Systems of sets and their representatives. PostScript
(2002-574) E. Bampis, M. Caramia, J. Fiala, A.V. Fishkin, and A. Iovanella: Scheduling of independent dedicated multiprocessor tasks. PostScript
(2002-575) A. Pultr and W. Tholen: Free Quillen Factorization Systems. PostScript
(2002-576) M. Klazar: Extremal problems for ordered (hyper)graphs: applications of Davenport--Schinzel sequences. PostScript
(2002-577) V. Franek: Low-discrepancy Lattice Sets and QMC Integration. PostScript
(2002-578) J. Fiala, A.V. Fishkin, F.V. Fomin: On-line and off-line distance constrained labeling of disk graphs. PostScript
(2002-579) D. Kral', R. Skrekovski: Borodin's Conjecture on Diagonal Coloring is False.
(2002-580) A. Pultr, A. Tozzi: A monad for domains and other categories. PostScript
(2002-581) A. Pultr, A. Tozzi: Continuous DCPOs as complete information systems. PostScript
(2002-582) M. Nehez: The Compactness Lower Bound of Shortest-path Interval Routing on $n .n$ Tori with Random Faulty Links. PostScript
(2002-583) J. Alber, J. Fiala: Geometric Separation and Exact Solutions for the Parameterized Independent Set Problem on Disk Graphs. PostScript
(2002-584) R. Samal: Flows and Colorings of Graphs. PostScript
(2002-585) J. Nesetril, P. Ossona de Mendez: Folding. PostScript
(2002-586) Z. Dvorak, D. Kral', and R. Skrekovski: Coloring Face Hypergraphs on Surfaces. PostScript
(2002-587) Z. Dvorak, J. Kara, D, Kral', and O. Pangrac: Feasible Sets of Pattern Hypergraphs. PostScript
(2002-588) M. Klazar: Kaleidoskop teorie cisel (7. kapitola). PostScript
(2002-589) T. Madaras, R. Skrekovski, and H.-J. Voss: The 7-cycle $C_7$ is light in the family of planar graphs with minimum degree 5. PostScript
(2002-590) V. Jungic, J. Licht, M. Mahdian, J. Nesetril, and R. Radoicic: Rainbow Arithmetic Progressions and Anti-Ramsey Results. PostScript
(2002-591) B. Banaschewski and A. Pultr: A General View of Approximation. PostScript
(2002-592) J. Nesetril and P. Ossona de Mendez: Cuts and Bounds. PostScript
(2002-593) T. Feder, P. Hell, S. Klein, and R. Motwani: List Partitions. PostScript
(2002-594) P. Kolman: A Note on the Greedy Algorithm for the Unsplittable Flow Problem. PostScript
(2002-595) J. Fiala and D. Paulusma: The computational complexity of the role assignment problem. PostScript
(2002-596) M. Loebl: On Ground State Incongruence in Spin Glasses. PostScript
(2002-597) D. Piguetova: A canonical Ramsey-type theorem for finite subsets of {\bf N}. PostScript
(2002-598) A. Por and P. Valtr: On the partitioned version of the Erdos--Szekeres theorem. PostScript
(2002-599) P. Valtr: A sufficient condition for the existence of large empty convex polygons. PostScript