• KAM-DIMATIA Series 2001

(2001-509) M. Caramia, J. Fiala : New Lower Bound on the Weighted Chromatic Number of a Graph PostScript
(2001-510) T. H. Marshall : On P-universal Graphs PostScript
(2001-511) D. Kral, J. Maxova, P. Podbrdsky, R. Samal : On Bermond, Germa and Heydemann's Conjecture PostScript
(2001-512) D. Kral, J. Maxova, P. Podbrdsky, R. Samal : On Hamiltonian Cycles in Strong Products of Graphs PostScript
(2001-513) B. Codenotti : Graph Theory, Small Worlds, and the WEB (Lecture text for Spring School on Combinatorics 2001) PostScript
(2001-514) J. Alber, R. Niedermeier : Improved Tree Decomposition Based Algorithms for Parametrized Planar Dominating Set (Lecture text for Spring School on Combinatorics 2001) PostScript
(2001-515) J. Matousek : Combinatorial Excursions to High-Dimensional Convex Geometry (Lecture text for Spring School on Combinatorics 2001) PostScript
(2001-516) L. Kucera : Probability and Computation (Lecture text for Spring School on Combinatorics 2001) PostScript
(2001-517) J. Jirasek : Arc Reversal in Nonhamiltonian Circulant Oriented Graphs PostScript
(2001-518) M. Loebl, J. Vondrak : A Theory of Frustrated Degeneracy PostScript
(2001-519) J. Sawada, C.R. Miers, F. Ruskey : Generating Lyndon Brackets: a Basis for the n-th Homogenous Component of the Free Lie Algebra PostScript
(2001-520) T. H. Marshall : Relation categories and graph homomorphisms PostScript
(2001-521) P. Hell, J. Nesetril : Counting List Homomorphisms and Graphs with Bounded Degree PostScript
(2001-522) J. Kara, D. Kral, ed. : Graph Theory Day IV PostScript
(2001-523) J. Nesetril, P. Ossona de Mendez : Colorings and Homomorphisms of Minor Closed Graphs PostScript
(2001-524) M. Popule : A Note on Gauss Codes PostScript
(2001-525) J. Matousek, J. Vondrak : The Probabilistic Method (Lecture Notes) PostScript
(2001-526) R.N. Ball, A. Pultr : Forbidden Forests in Priestley Spaces PostScript
(2001-527) P. Kolman, C. Scheideler : Improved Bounds for the Unsplittable Flow Problem PostScript
(2001-528) J. Nesetril, N.C. Wormald : The acyclic edge chromatic number of a random d-regular graph is d+1 PostScript
(2001-529) T.H. Marshall, R. Nasraser, and J. Nesetril: Homomorphism Bounded Classes of Graphs. PostScript
(2001-530) J. Fiala, and R. Skrekovski: List Distance Labelings of Graphs. PostScript
(2001-531) A. Tyszka: A Stronger Form of the Theorem Constructing a Rigid Binary Relation on Any Set. PostScript
(2001-532) T. Madaras, and R. Skrekovski: Heavy Paths, Light Stars, and Big Melons. PostScript
(2001-533) C. Benzaken, S. Gravier, and R. Skrekovski: Hajos' Theorem for List Colorings of Hypergraphs. PostScript
(2001-534) T. Erlebach, and J. Fiala: Independence and Coloring Problems on Intersection Graphs of Disks. PostScript
(2001-535) D. Kral', J. Kratochvil, and H.-J. Voss: Mixed Hypercacti. PostScript
(2001-536) J. Nesetril, and C. Tardif: On Maximal Finite Antichains in the Homomorphism Order of Directed Graphs. PostScript
(2001-537) J. Nesetril: Art of Graph Drawing and Art. PostScript
(2001-538) J. Nesetril, and C. Tardif: A Dualistic Approach to Bounding the Chromatic Number of a Graph. PostScript
(2001-539) O. Pangrac, ed.: Graph Theory Day V. PostScript
(2001-540) D. Kral': On Feasible Sets of Mixed Hypergraphs. PostScript
(2001-541) J. Nemecek, and M. Klazar: A Bijection Between Nonnegative Words and Sparse $abba$-free Partitions. PostScript
(2001-542) A. Pultr, and A. Tozzi: Local Directedness and Some Categories of Domains. PostScript
(2001-543) D. Zeps: On Free Minor Closed Classes of Graphs Outside Planarity. PostScript
(2001-544) D. Kral', and R. Skrekovski: A Theorem about the Channel Assignment Problem. PostScript