• KAM Series 1995

(95-275) M. Klazar : On abab-free and abba-free set partitions.
(95-276) A. Pultr, A. Tozzi : Completion and coproducts of nearness frames.
(95-277) J. Matousek : A Helly-type theorem for unions of convex sets.
(95-278) J. Kratochvil, A. Proskurowski, J. A. Telle : Complexity of graph coloring problems.
(95-279) A. V. Kostochka, J. Kratochvil : Covering and coloring polygon-circle graphs.
(95-280) J. Kratochvil, A. Sebo : Coloring precolored perfect graphs.
(95-281) J. Kratochvil, P. D. Manuel, M. Miller : Generalized domination in chordal graphs.
(95-282) B. Banaschewski, A. Pultr : On the completion of nearness frames: Solving some open problems.
(95-283) B. Banaschewski, A. Pultr : Pointfree metrization theorems.
(95-284) T. Kaiser : Transversals of $d$-intervals.
(95-285) P. Hlineny : Contact graphs of curves.
(95-286) J. Nesetril, X. Zhu : Path homomorphisms.
(95-287) A. Pultr, J. Sichler : Endomorphisms of complete Heyting algebras.
(95-288) M. Klazar : Twelve countings with rooted plane trees.
(95-289) J. Matousek : Kombinatoricka a vypocetni geometrie.
(95-290) Problems presented at (Midsummer) Prague Combinatorial Workshop.
(95-291) J. Nesetril, A. Raspaud, E. Sopena : Colorings and girth of oriented planar graphs.
(95-292) J. Matousek, P. Plechac : On functional separately convex hulls.
(95-293) G. Kalai, J. Matousek : Guarding galleries where every point sees a large area.
(95-294) J. Nesetril, J. Vaananen : Combinatorics and quantifiers.
(95-295) R. L. Graham, J. Nesetril : Ramsey theory in the work of Paul Erdos.
(95-296) J. Nesetril : Ramsey theory.
(95-297) M. Loebl : On bases of circuit lattices.
(95-298) W. Hochstattler, J. Nesetril : Linear programming duality and morphisms.
(95-299) J. Matousek, J. Nesetril : Kapitoly z diskretni matematiky.
(95-300) M. Klazar : Combinatorial aspects of Davenport-Schinzel sequences.
(95-301) J. Matousek : On embedding expanders into $\ell_p$-spaces.
(95-302) P. Valtr : Lines, line-point incidences and crossing families in dense sets.
(95-303) P. Valtr : The probability that $n$ random points in a triangle are in convex position.
(95-304) P. Valtr : Catalan numbers via random planar point sets.
(95-305) P. Valtr : Guarding galleries where no point sees a small area.
(95-306) J. Matousek, P. Valtr : The complexity of the lower envelope of segments with $h$ endpoints.
(95-307) J. Kratochvil, A. Proskurowski, J. A. Telle : Covering regular graphs.
(95-308) M. M. France, J. Nesetril : Fragments of a dialogue.
(95-309) M. Klazar (ed.) : 1995 Prague Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop.