• KAM Series 1994

(94-260) A. A. Ageev, A. V. Kostochka, Z. Szigeti : A characterization of Seymour graphs.
(94-261) J. Matousek, J. Spencer : Discrepancy in arithmetic progressions.
(94-262) J. Matousek : Tight upper bounds for the discrepancy of halfspaces.
(94-263) P. Valtr : Probability that $n$ random points are in convex position.
(94-264) H. Edelsbrunner, P. Valtr, E. Welzl : Cutting dense point sets in half.
(94-265) B. Banaschewski, A. Pultr : Booleanization.
(94-266) B. Banaschewski, A. Pultr : On Cauchy homomorphisms of nearness frames.
(94-267) P. Savicky : Improved Boolean formulas for the Ramsey graphs.
(94-268) J. Matousek : Note on the colored Tverberg theorem.
(94-269) M. Klazar : On numbers of Davenport-Schinzel sequences.
(94-270) P. Savicky : Complexity and probability of some Boolean formulas.
(94-271) A. Pultr, J. Sichler : Extremal prime filters and universality of some categories.
(94-272) J. Matousek : Topological Methods in Combinatorics and Geometry.
( 94-272c ) J. Matousek : Topologicke metody v kombinatorice a geometrii.
(94-273) J. Matousek : On discrepancy bounds via dual shatter function.
(94-274) D. Zeps : Graphs with rotation in permutation technique.