• KAM Series 1993

(93-233) J. Nesetril : Graph homomorphisms and their structure.
(93-234) P. Erdos, Zs. Tuza, P. Valtr : Ramsey-remainder.
(93-235) M. Klazar : Two results on a partial ordering of finite sequences.
(93-236) F. Mraz : On supremum of the solution function in LP's with interval coefficients.
(93-237) P. Hell, J. Nesetril, X. Zhu : Complexity of tree homomorphisms.
(93-238) J. Rohn : Cheap and tight bounds: The recent result by E. Hansen can be made more efficient.
(93-239) F. Mraz : The algorithm for solving interval linear programs and comparison with similar approaches.
(93-240) M. Klazar : On well quasiordering of finite languages.
(93-241) J. Nesetril, V. Rodl : More on complexity of diagrams.
(93-242) P. Valtr : On mutually avoiding sets.
(93-243) P. Hell, J. Nesetril, X. Zhu : Duality and polynomial testing of tree homomorphisms.
(93-244) P. Hell, J. Nesetril, X. Zhu : Duality of graph homomorphisms .
(93-245) J. Matousek : On enclosing $k$ points by a circle.
(93-246) M. de Berg, J. Matousek, O. Schwarzkopf : Piecewise linear paths among convex obstacles.
(93-247) J. Matousek : On Lipschitz mapping onto a square.
(93-248) B. Aronov, J. Matousek : On stabbing triangles by lines in 3-space.
(93-249) P. Greenberg, M. Loebl : Strong connectivity on polyhedral complexes.
(93-250) P. Erdos, M. Loebl, I. Ruzsa, V. T. Sos : Discrepancy of trees.
(93-251) M. Klazar : Extremal functions for sequences.
(93-253) J. Nesetril, P. Valtr : A Ramsey-type theorem in the plane.
(93-254) Prague Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop.
(93-255) J. Gimbel : A note on sources and sinks in comparability graphs.
(93-256) M. Klazar : On a proof of Ramsey theorem and of Erdos-Rado theorem for pairs.
(93-257) J. Matousek : On geometric optimization with few violated constraints.
(93-258) H. Bronnimann, B. Chazelle, J. Matousek : Product range spaces, sensitive sampling and derandomization.
(93-259) J. Matousek : Derandomization in computational geometry.