• KAM Series 1992

(92-220) J. Kratochvil, J. Nesetril, O. Zyka : On the computational complexity of Seidel's switching.
(92-221) J. Nesetril : On ordered graphs and graph orderings.
(92-222) P. Valtr : On the minimum number of empty polygons in planar point sets.
(92-223) J. Nesetril, V. Rodl : On Ramsey graphs without bipartite subgraphs.
(92-224) H.-D. O. F. Gronau, J. Nesetril : On 2-$(v,4,\lambda)$ designs without pair intersections.
(92-225) J. Rohn : On the common argument behind the finite pivoting rules by Bland and Murty.
(95-226) A. S. Fraenkel, M. Loebl : Complexity of circuit intersection in graphs.
(92-227) M. Klazar, P. Valtr : Linear sequences.
(92-228) B. Banaschewski, A. Pultr : Variants of openness.
(92-229) P. Valtr : Unit squares intersecting all secants of a square.
(92-230) P. K. Agarwal, J. Matousek : On range searching with semialgebraic sets.
(92-231) J. Matousek, O. Schwarzkopf : A deterministic algorithm for the three-dimensional diameter problem.
(92-232) P. Gvozdjak, J. Nesetril : High girth and extendability.