• KAM Series 1991

(91-195) B. Banaschewski, A. Pultr : Booleanization as reflection.
(91-196) P. Hell, J. Nesetril : The core of a graph.
(91-197) M. Loebl, J. Nesetril : Fast and slow growing (A combinatorial study of unprovability).
(91-198) J. Matousek, E. Welzl, L. Wernisch : Discrepancy and $\varepsilon$-approximations for bounded VC-dimension.
(91-199) P. K. Agarwal, J. Matousek, S. Suri : Farthest neighbors, maximum spanning trees and related problems in higher dimensions.
(91-200) B. Gruber : Topological approach to the Niggli lattice characters.
(91-201) T. Hirata, J. Matousek, X.-H. Tan, T. Tokuyama : Complexity of projected images of convex subdivisions.
(91-202) J. Matousek : Linear optimization queries.
(91-203) J. Matousek : Computing the center of planar point sets.
(91-204) J. Kratochvil : Regular codes in regular graphs are difficult.
(91-205) S. Janson, J. Kratochvil : Threshold functions for classes of intersection graphs.
(91-206) B. Banaschewski, A. Pultr : Universal categories of uniform and metric locales.
(91-207) L. Kucera : Constant depth probabilistic approximation of thresholds.
(91-208) M. R. Fellows, J. Kratochvil, M. Middendorf, F. Pfeiffer : The complexity of induced minors and related problems.
(91-209) B. Chazelle, J. Matousek : Derandomizing an output-sensitive convex hull algorithm in three dimensions.
(91-210) M. Klazar : A general upper bound in Extremal theory of sequences.
(91-211) M. Klazar : A linear upper bound in the extremal theory of sequences.
(91-212) M. Klazar : On the equation $x^2-y^3 = \pm 3^3k$.
(91-213) N. Alon, I. Kriz, J. Nesetril : How to color shift hypergraphs.
(91-214) M. Zeman : WQO, antichains and somewhere continuous embeddings of transfinite sequences.
(91-215) J. Matousek : Range searching with efficient hierarchical cuttings.
(91-216) J. Matousek, V. Rodl : On Ramsey sets in spheres.
(91-217) A. Galluccio, M. Loebl : Path cycles of prescribed parity in planar digraphs.
(91-218) J. Kratochvil : Precoloring extension with fixed color bound.
(91-219) P. K. Agarwal, J. Matousek : Dynamic halfspace range reporting and its applications.