• KAM Series 1990

(90-160) N. Alon, P. D. Seymour, R. Thomas : A separator theorem for non-planar graphs.
(90-161) B. Banaschewski, A. Pultr : Cauchy points of uniform and nearness locales.
(90-162) J. Kratochvil, P. Savicky, Zs. Tuza : One more occurence of variables makes satisfiability jump from trivial to NP-complete.
(90-163) S. Poljak : Neural network analysis via linear programming and convexity.
(90-164) J. Kratochvil, J. Nesetril : Independent set and maximal clique problems in intersection-defined classes of graphs.
(90-165) S. Poljak, T. Nishizeki : $K$-connectivity and decomposition of graphs into forests.
(90-166) Annual Report (with Prachatice meeting appendix).
(90-167) P. Bugata : On algorithmic solvability of Trakhtenbrot-Zykov problem.
(90-168) D. Zeps : The triconnectivity considered dynamically.
(90-169) V. Nydl : Finite undirected graphs which are not reconstructible from their large cardinality subgraphs.
(90-170) S. Poljak : Minimum spectral radius of a weighted graph.
(90-171) Ch. Delorme, S. Poljak : Laplacian eigenvalues and the maximum cut problem.
(90-172) S. Poljak : On controllability Kronecker indices of structured systems.
(90-173) M. Deza, M. Laurent, S. Poljak : The cut cone III: On the role of triangle facets.
(90-174) J. Matousek : Approximations and optimal geometric divide-and-conquer.
(90-175) J. Matousek : Efficient partition trees.
(90-176) J. Matousek : Cutting hyperplane arrangements.
(90-177) S. Janson, J. Kratochvil : Proportional graphs.
(90-178) J. Matousek : A simple proof of weak zone theorem.
(90-179) P. Savicky : Bent function and random Boolean formulae.
(90-180) O. Zyka : .. and some more descriptions of matroids.
(90-181) P. Valtr : Convex independent sets and 7-holes in restricted planar point sets.
(90-182) J. Matousek : Randomized optimal algorithm for slope selection.
(90-183) P. Valtr : Sets in $R^d$ with no large empty convex subsets.
(90-184) J. Matousek : Computing dominances in $E^n$.
(90-185) M. Loebl : Greedy compression systems.
(90-186) M. Loebl : Postorder strategy for tree compressions (Extended abstract).
(90-187) M. Loebl : Postorder strategy for tree compressions.
(90-188) P. Savicky : On the bent Boolean functions which are symmetric.
(90-189) M. Krivanek : Connected admissible hierarchical clustering.
(90-190) M. Krivanek : Single linkage vs. complete linkage.
(90-191) J. Matousek : Epsilon-nets and computational geometry.
(90-192) M. Loebl, J. Nesetril : Unprovability of set union problem strategies.
(90-193) J. Matousek : Reporting points in halfspaces.
(90-194) W. Imrich, J. Nesetril : Simple tournaments and sharply transitive graphs.